Hungri Games received an investment of $1.9 million in the round, in which Bogazici Ventures participated

The new investment of Bogazici Ventures, which did not slow down in its investments in 2023, became Hungri Games, one of the promising game studios of the Web 3.0 world. The venture, of which the founding partner of Triple Dragon and The Sandbox is also an investor, is preparing to take its place in the Metaverse universe with the experience of its investors.

Bogazici Ventures, which focuses on technology and follows innovative technologies closely, has completed a new investment in Web 3.0, which has continued to grow with a significant potential in recent years.

The new investment of Bogazici Ventures, which supports successful startups with the experience of its founders and mentors them in their growth journey in the game industry, which always continues to grow in times of different economic conditions globally, has become the Hungri Games game company, which continues its efforts to become one of the important players in the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Hungri Games, the 11th gaming company in the investment portfolio of Bogazici Ventures, has closed the round, which reached $ 1.9 million, with token and equity investments.

Hungri Games is a game development company that was founded in 2019 by Arslan Kiran, Oguz Kurtalan, Kagan Berk Kocak and Sevara Shodieva, who are experienced and influential names in the game industry, aiming to keep the excitement and curiosity of its players alive and to provide them with unforgettable game experiences.

Hungri Games, operating in the fields of Web2 and Web3, received an investment of $500,000 from Bogazici Ventures for the development and scaling of the horse breeding and racing-themed Metahorse Unity mobile game project. Hungri Games, in which Sebastien Borget, co-founder/COO of the UK-based investment companies Triple Dragon and France-based world-renowned metaverse platform The Sandbox, is also an investor; continues on its way by getting stronger on mobile platforms, metaverse and Web3.

Hungri Games, which has adopted the mission of bringing different and quality content to the Web2 and Web3 world, focuses on innovative mid-core and casual games in the mobile game industry. Hungri Games aims to offer immersive experiences to its players by combining exciting adventures with deep stories and impressive strategies. Legend of Khans, Love Affairs, God of Gods are some of the games that made Hungri Games reach a wide audience by making its name known. Arslan Kiran, the Founder of Hungri Games, who plans to make a name for himself globally with Clash of Gallipoli and Metahorse Unity games in the near future;

“We are happy to have the support of a well-established and experienced investment group such as Bogazici Ventures behind us. Thanks to this investment, we will not only take our current projects further but also bring new and exciting game ideas to life. This collaboration between Bogazici Ventures and Hungri Games is an important step towards the goal of supporting growth and innovation in the gaming industry.”

Bogazici Ventures will continue to make new investments without slowing down in 2023 with its strategy of investing in venture projects that are built with the technology it defines as disruptive innovation and that shape the future.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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