idenfit, which offers human resources software, received an investment of $6 million from Datassist

Turkiye’s leading payroll service provider Datassist has invested in idenfit, a cloud-based human resources software, over a valuation of $6 million.

idenfit, one of Turkiye’s leading cloud-based human resources software, announced its strategic partnership with the cloud-based payroll service provider Datassist. As part of this partnership, Datasist invested in idenfit over a $6 million valuation.

With this partnership, both financial and strategic, processes in the human resources departments of companies will become more integrated, risks will decrease and speed will increase, and payroll management will now become much easier with mobile access. At the same time, it was reported that the two companies established a solution partnership for end-to-end digital HR.

By collaborating with Datassist, idenfit will allow all processes in the payroll process, such as payroll preparation, calculation, preparation of statements and payroll closing, to be defined in a single system.

According to the shared information, the said cooperation will minimize the risks and workload of technical payroll and related processes with the integration of idenfit, which brings all tasks related to human resources software processes together on a single platform, and Datassist, which continues its work with the principle of continuous legal compliance and zero error.

As a result of this investment and cooperation, idenfit, which combines its strong infrastructure with Datassist, which was awarded the “World’s Best Local Payroll Service Provider” twice in total, promises trouble-free and error-free payroll processes.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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