Inflation data to be announced on Monday: Annual inflation is expected to rise to 66%

All eyes in the markets turned to inflation data. February inflation figures will be announced on Monday, March 4. Expectations are that monthly inflation will increase by 4%. Annual inflation is expected to rise to 66.30%.

With the new week, all eyes turned to inflation data. Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) will announce inflation figures for February on Monday, March 4.

While economists predict that inflation will increase by 4% on a monthly basis, they expect annual inflation to rise to 66.30%. Leading indicators also pointed to an increase in inflation. Istanbul’s inflation increased by 4.07% on a monthly basis. According to Turk-Is data, the amount of food expenditure in Ankara increased by 8%.

In the AA Finance survey, the average inflation expectations of economists in February was 4.04%. Inflation expectations of the 10 economists who participated in the survey ranged from the lowest to 3.40% and the highest to 5.00%. It is predicted that annual inflation, which was 64.86% in the previous month, will rise to 66.30%.


Turk-Is announced the results of its hunger and poverty line research for February. According to the research, the ‘hunger limit’ of a family of four increased to ₺16 thousand 257 in December. The hunger limit was ₺15 thousand 48 last month. The poverty line increased from ₺49 thousand 19 to ₺52 thousand 955.

The minimum spending amount for food for a family of four living in Ankara increased by 8.03% compared to the previous month. As of the last 12 months, the change rate was calculated as 72.49%.


Istanbul Chamber of Commerce announced the megacity’s inflation rate for February. In Istanbul, retail prices increased by 4.07% and wholesale prices increased by 4.64% in February compared to the previous month.

When the data in question was examined on an annual basis, it was seen that the increase rate was 76.58% in retail and 65.06% in wholesale prices.

Source: Patronlardunyasi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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