Istanbul-based game startup Imaginite Studios has allocated a budget of $50 million for the Soft Launch period

Imaginite Studios, one of the experienced studios of the game industry, is starting the Soft Launch process of the first of its casual projects, which it started to prepare in January 2023, at the end of August.

The studio allocated a budget of $50 million for the one-year Soft Launch period of the game, which is in the Puzzle game category.

Erhan Korkmaz, CEO of Imaginite Studios, shared that they aim for the game to be one of the 10 most played puzzle games in the Puzzle category in the world and that they will carry out the Soft Launch process mainly in countries such as England, Canada, Germany, Australia, India and the Philippines.

Imaginite, which has strengthened its team with experienced names from the gaming industry since the day it started the preparations for casual projects, will also carry out the development and publishing operations of its games with the experienced names in its team and will not cooperate with any publisher.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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