Leadport Receives $250 Thousand Investment from Sabanci ARF to Enhance Digital Sales Conversion

Technology startup Leadport, which increases the sales conversion rate of digital leads by up to 8 times, has increased its value by 3.6 times in the last year by receiving an investment of $250 thousand from Sabanci ARF, Sabanci Holding’s accelerator organization.

Local startup Leadport, which efficiently manages potential customers from digital channels to help companies increase sales and grow, announced that it has raised a combined investment of $250,000 in cash and in-kind from Sabanci Holding’s accelerator organization, Sabanci ARF, increasing its valuation by 3.6 times within just one year of its initial seed investment from SirketOrtagim angel investment network. With this investment, Leadport’s company valuation has reached ₺90 million.

Leadport’s new target market: America

Stating that the company valuation increased by ₺65 million with the Sabanci ARF partnership, Leadport Founding Partner Alper Barut said, “After Leadport went on sale, the number of institutions we worked with reached 80 in a short period of 1 year. Now we aim to represent our country in the field of technology in the American market with a ‘plug-and-play’ business model.”

Emphasizing the development of Leadport in a short time, Sabanci ARF President Yeliz Erinckan stated that Leadport is one of the initiatives they trust very much and expressed her belief that they will write a successful story abroad. Yeliz Erinckan will now take part in Leadport’s board of directors with the Sabanci ARF investment.

Esarj, the first venture of Founding Partner Alper Barut, who graduated from Sabanci University with a merit scholarship, was purchased by Enerjisa, one of the Sabanci Holding subsidiaries. While Alper Barut mentioned that his second venture received investment from Sabanci ARF, which is also a subsidiary of Sabanci Group, he stated that the contract process coincided with the death anniversary of the late Sakip Sabanci, one of the founders of Sabanci Holding. While emphasizing that this process had a special importance for him, he commemorated him with mercy and gratitude by touching on the place of Sabanci Holding in the lives of entrepreneurs on this path opened under the leadership of Sakip Sabanci.

Leadport provides 8x efficiency in sales conversion rate

Leadport stands out as an initiative that, thanks to its “Golden Call” feature, enables the right company representative to instantly talk to the customer on the phone in just 7 seconds as soon as the prospective customer conveys his need online.

Leadport digitizes all customer follow-up processes, including phone calls, providing convenience to remote working teams. Through AI analysis of phone call recordings, Leadport enhances sales team productivity and facilitates companies’ sales and revenue growth by leading sales analytics and data-driven sales support.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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