Local health technologies startup Gesund received investment from the Invest 101 fund, which develops artificial intelligence-based algorithms in the field of health and operates as an end-to-end Contract Research Organization (CRO) platform for parties, received investment from the Development Fund of Turkiye. The investment was made from the Invest 101 Fund, which was established in partnership with the Development Fund of Turkiye and METU Technokent.

Founded by Dr. Enes Hosgor in 2021, is positioned as an artificial intelligence factory operating for the effectiveness of clinical-level artificial intelligence algorithms in the development processes and validation with independent data. received investment from the Invest 101 fund of the Turkish Development Fund in the first round. organizes AI as a medical device lifecycle, providing its customers with an analytical platform that supports processes such as privacy-focused access to diverse but standardized medical data sources, regulatory clearance, and clinical validation. The platform helps algorithm developers in healthcare comply with regulatory requirements and provides a process to audit and approve third-party medical AI solutions for safety, effectiveness, and equity. Platform models streamline the entire AI/ML lifecycle for all stakeholders, bringing together data and experts in a code-free environment.

With its related platform, can shorten the clinical validation process, which traditionally takes up to 2 years, to 2-4 months. Currently, it focuses on the radiology vertical, 80% of the medical artificial intelligence products developed so far worldwide are in the field of radiology. The team in the future; It also plans to commission modules for pathology, cardiology, ophthalmology, surgery and genomics.

With this investment from the Development Fund of Turkiye, the venture plans to expand its activities towards existing and potential customers, including leading international pharmaceutical companies.

The company’s investors include the Turkiye Development Fund, as well as Merck, McKesson, Northpond and 500 Emerging Europe.

Turkiye Development Fund General Manager Dr. Elif Emirli Altug emphasized the growth potential in the CFA, health and technology sectors and said:

“ is a strategic initiative that we are very pleased to support as the Development Fund of Turkiye. Artificial intelligence-based solutions in the health sector will form the basis of future health services. We are confident that will make a huge impact globally as a key technology company in this strategic area.”

Dr Enes Hosgor, co-founder of, said the following;

“The inevitable needs created by the artificial intelligence revolution that the world is going through make our company’s thesis and timing perfect. With this strategic support of the Development Fund of Turkiye, we will take our worldwide commercial and technological breakthroughs to brand new heights in the coming months.”

The Invest 101 fund, established with the cooperation of the Turkish Development Fund and METU Technokent, continues to strengthen Turkiye’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and support globally competitive initiatives with its investments in innovative startups such as INVEST 101, which started its operations in 2023, aims to expand its portfolio by investing in early-stage technology startups. Among the startups that the fund has invested in outside of are DefensX, ClayToken, Veloxia and Syntonym.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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