Apphic Games received seed investment from Lima Ventures in the mid-round

Founded in 2020 by Gazi Akyuz, Erdinc Gurbuz and Yavuz Erdem, Apphic Games received a seed investment from Lima Ventures in the interim round.

The company plans to use the investment it has received in the Marketing and PR processes of the Co-op horror game called Deadly Broadcast and the Casual Beat’em up game called Revenge of Akuras, which they have been developing for the last 1 year.

With Single Player and Co-op options, Deadly Broadcast is a kind of Horror and Survival game in which we portray a group of phenomena visiting abandoned and spooky places with their cameras and equipment. One of the most interesting features of the game is that your audience with artificial intelligence reacts realistically to the paranormal events and creatures you put in your frame and guides you with donations and challenges in the game.

Deadly Broadcast will be released on Steam with its full version on January 20. In addition, the game received concept approval from the XBOX Game Pass platform. The company aims to start the integration process for VR devices after publishing the game on the Game Pass platform.

In the game, the struggle of the Akuras brothers, whose parents were killed by the gangs that ruled the streets of New York with crime and violence, is handled against these gangs. While trying to clear the streets from the mafia with Beat’em up style fighting mechanics, you should increase your protection on the streets with Idle game mechanics, protect against the counterattacks of artificial intelligence supported mafia, and increase your power with weapons and equipment.

Gazi Akyuz, co-founder and CEO of the venture; “As Apphic Games, we received our first investment from WePlay Ventures, one of the leading investment companies focused on the Digital Game industry, in 2021 and started the development of our games with our two project teams. In the past year, we have completed our games, each of which has different concepts in its own field, and both games successfully passed the test processes.

By 2023, we are proud of the seed investment of Lima Ventures, which accelerates its investments in the gaming industry and announces its new investments day by day. Thank you for their belief and contribution to our projects. In the new process, we will focus on the marketing and sales processes of our projects in the global game market, with the support of Lima Ventures.”

Lima Ventures managing partner and founder Ahmet Argun said, “As Lima Ventures, we closely follow the developments in the game vertical. We are confident that Apphic Games will reach a wide audience in a short time with its team, its experience and its original contributions to the game industry in different styles. We are very happy to join forces with Weplay in this investment as well and to support Apphic Games in this exciting adventure.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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