Local startup Ruul announced the Smart Tax Assistant product and shared its new global goals

Ruul, the global finance and working partner of freelancers, shared the details of new business partnerships on their global growth journey at a press conference.

The local startup Ruul, which has determined as its main mission to enable a system where employees can determine their own working rules, continues on its way with the aim of making the dream of freelancers to do business all over the world a reality with the innovative solutions it offers.

Thanks to Ruul, freelancers can invoice their corporate clients in more than 150 countries without incurring the fixed and regular costs of incorporation and the laborious paperwork; can make payment collections in any currency and payment method; they can manage their work more regularly and efficiently with contracts and other management tools.

With Ruul, which guides the sector as an important source of information in the process of building a culture that centers on working freely, institutions can perform the tracking, management and payment processes of the flexible workforce they receive service through a single platform.

The innovative company, which stands out as a platform that allows individuals to work easily with the companies they want globally, facilitates the lives of freelancers in financial processes with the additional services it offers. Drawing attention with the partnerships it has implemented for this purpose, Ruul also provides access to virtual banking services in countries where access to banking is difficult. In this way, individuals both have the opportunity to have a place in the global job market and have the opportunity to easily receive and access payments through banking services.

Turkiye was selected as the pilot country for the new “Smart Tax Assistant” product

Announcing its three new establishments in Turkiye, the USA and Sweden at the beginning of May, Ruul also renewed its corporate architecture by signing strategic partnerships on a global scale. In this context, Ruul recently partnered with global tax compliance specialist Sovos. Serving half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list, as well as businesses of all sizes operating in more than 70 countries, Sovos offers complete and connected solutions for taxation, continuous control for transaction compliance, tax reporting and more. Ruul chose Turkiye as the pilot country for the new Smart Tax Assistant product developed in cooperation with Sovos. The solution, which is first offered to a certain number of users in order to build the service in the best way, will make the process of tracking the tax liabilities of freelancers in Turkiye digitally manageable with a single panel.

“The ways of doing business between talents and organizations are changing”

Speaking at the meeting, Ruul Co-Founder Esen Bulut said;

“Based on the paradigm shift taking place in the workforce, we work with the belief that the ways of doing business are changing between talents and organizations. Our aim is to develop products and services that make cooperation between the two parties more seamless, reliable and harmonious in the new economy. Smart Tax Assistant is one of our new services that we have implemented in line with this vision. As a platform that serves more than 50 thousand freelancers and more than 10 thousand global institutions with invoicing, employment contracts and global payment solutions at 150 currencies, we will continue to strengthen our market creator position with new business partnerships with strong players in the global market and innovative solutions we will implement.”

“We will continue to be the most important business partner of freelancers”

Ruul Co-Founder Mert Bulut made the following assessment;

“Legal regulations trying to keep up with flexible working dynamics cause freelancers to be alone in local compliance. Teleworking and freelancing trends, especially with foreign companies that have become permanent after the pandemic, can create confusion regarding tax and legal compliance for those working in Turkiye. At this point, we aim to contribute to the growth of businesses by providing financial services. With its growing and changing face with strategic partnerships, Ruul will continue to be the most important solution partner of freelancers as a platform where financial, tax and legal compliance processes can be managed from a single place, as well as invoicing, payment and business agreements (service agreement & confidentiality agreement) features.”

Ruul was founded in Europe as Rimuut in 2017 as an innovative worktech company that empowers freelancers and facilitates companies’ workforce and financial management with invoicing, contract and global payment solutions. Since its establishment, it has provided modern working solutions to more than 50,000 talents worldwide and more than 10,000 institutions, including industry-leading global companies. Ruul continues to serve globally with its strengthened and renewed working, financial and legal compliance features.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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