Local talent matching platform Workflex signed a technological partnership agreement with Vanora Ventures

Workflex, a globally customized talent matching platform, plans to accelerate its innovation journey with the technology investment of Vanora Ventures.

Workflex, which started its operations as a talent matching platform in 2021 and entered the UK market in 2023, in order to provide a solution to the talent shortage experienced on a global scale, beyond existing marketplace solutions, and with its technological partnership with Vanora Ventures, it aims to accelerate its global journey by taking its existing technology and artificial intelligence-based matching algorithm to the highest level.

Vanora Ventures, Worklex’s technology partner, is Turkiye’s venture capital investment company that invests in startups with the Venture Studio model. The partnership of Workflex and Vanora Ventures stands out as an important move that combines the “disruptive innovation” strategy of both companies in their respective fields and their missions based on technology-focused solutions.

Workflex co-founder and CEO Zeynep Bilgic said;

“The global talent shortage has reached a historic high of 75%. Workflex serves to shape the future of working life and transform the way of doing business by making fast and accurate matches between companies and talents. As everyone’s demands increase and everything accelerates, Vanora Ventures’ deep expertise in technology will empower us to deliver innovations at a faster pace.”

“We invest in technology startups as a technology partner”

Research conducted by the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) with 23 leading venture studios around the world; reveals that of the 415 companies founded by these studios, only 9% failed, 3% exited successfully, and the remaining 88% are still active and generate an average annual revenue of more than $1 million. According to the same research, the success rate of startups originating from a venture studio is 30% higher than traditional startups.

Abdurrahman Fifth, co-founder of Vanora Ventures, said;

“We believe that this collaboration with Workflex will be an important part of digitalization and flexible working models in the business world of the future. Workflex’s experience in human resources and the expertise of its founding partners in their fields created a very valuable partnership for Vanora. The experienced team of the two companies will once again demonstrate its determination and successful history in leading the transformation of the business world with this collaboration.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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