Local Web3 startup Finceptor received an investment over $3.5 million valuation

Local startup Finceptor, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol and a platform where Web3 projects can organize liquidity and capital financing, received an investment of $3.5 million from an investor group including Keiretsu Forum Turkiye angel investors.

Finceptor Web3 is a capital and liquidity financing platform, enabling Web3 protocols to access financing at the pre-token supply, token supply and post-token supply stages. Individual investors can invest in Web3 project tokens starting from $1 and capital protected investment models in ways such as pre-ICO, ICO phase and post-ICO OTC.

Finceptor Founding Partners Can Kocagil, Arman Vural Budunoglu, Gunes Serel, Ege Kafali and Emre Donmez stated that they developed their startup in 1 year;

“We have a Web3 investor community of over 50,000 and over 5,000 KYC users. Finceptor, a graduate of Polygon’s Hypernest DeFi acceleration program, is also supported by Brinc, one of the important names of the Web3 world, and Yapi Kredi and Neohub, the important banks in Turkiye. By offering financial products that provide liquidity financing in the pre-and post-ICO stages, we ensure that the funded Web3 projects have deeper and more efficient markets in the DeFi world, thus attracting new users and traders. At the same time, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors with our investor protection models, the flexibility of investment prerequisites, our infrastructure that is compliant with the regulations, and our scrutiny in the field of project selection.”

Speaking about his goals and plans, the CEO of the company, Can Kocagil, said;

“We received an investment of $3.5 million from Keiretsu Forum Turkiye angel investors. Our goal is to become one of the largest Web3 investor communities in Turkiye and Asia. We want Web2 and CeFi investors to be a part of the future Web3 world by introducing a new asset class and investment model. Likewise, with the new funding and financing models that bring the community to the fore, we want the Web3 projects of the future to be funded with the financing methods of the future, without being dependent only on corporate capitals.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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