Modern orchards in hazelnuts will increase product quality and producers’ income

New modern orchards are being established to increase productivity and quality in Turkey’s important agricultural product, hazelnuts.

Ordu Within the scope of the “Rehabilitation Project of Hazelnut Orchards,” carried out with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Ordu, hazelnut orchards planted with traditional methods, aged, and yielding less, especially on sloping terrain, are being uprooted, and terraces are being created.

Thanks to the project, which ensures rejuvenation and renewal, thus increasing productivity and quality, exemplary modern orchards have been established in hazelnut farming.

Kemal Yılmaz, the Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, who inspected the orchard where the project was implemented in Bayadı Neighborhood of Altınordu district, stated to AA correspondent that they are conducting studies nationwide to increase agricultural production.

Yılmaz also stated that they are working to increase productivity and quality in hazelnuts in Ordu by renewing aged orchards that have decreased in yield.

Yılmaz pointed out that the project, which was initiated in 2021, is implemented with 100% grant support, and they have conducted renewal works on 250 hectares in the orchards of 34 producers in 9 districts.

Stating that renewal works are planned to be carried out on 100 hectares within the year, Yılmaz emphasized that producers who want to benefit from the project should apply to the district directorates of agriculture and forestry by April 30.

“We want our producers to have more profitable production” Yılmaz stated that they are renewing hazelnut orchards with aged roots and completely decreased yields, and made the following assessment:

“Our aim is to increase the productivity and quality of hazelnuts, which have a significant contribution to the national economy, and to ensure that our producers earn more. We want to create areas where cultural practices can be carried out more comfortably. Thus, we aim for our producers to have more profitable production by reducing costs.”

Yılmaz emphasized the importance of the work in terms of reducing production costs for producers, providing opportunities for mechanization, and creating new modern orchards with high yield per unit area, stating that yields below 400-450 kilograms per hectare will not be obtained.

Highlighting that hazelnuts are a valuable product, Yılmaz said, “We have over 127,000 producers. We want the efforts of our hardworking producers not to go to waste. That’s our whole aim.”

Hazelnut producer Ferhat Şenol stated that after his application, teams cut down hazelnut trees in his 10-acre orchard, and then single-stem planting was carried out.

Şenol, who aims to harvest 400-500 kilograms of hazelnuts per acre, said, “Before this project, I was getting 1 ton from 10 acres. The hazelnut yield had decreased. This work was great. The maintenance, hazelnut harvesting, and product are all good. It became a very comfortable and exemplary orchard. I am very satisfied. Other producers who see it also like it.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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