New company established to produce FLO’s own technologies: FLO Technology

FLO, which continues to grow day by day with its more than 800 stores in 3 continents, 30 countries around the world and its expanding global operations, established its new company, FLO Technology, in order to take its investments in the field of technology one step further and produce its own technologies.

FLO CEO Yenal Gokyildirim stated that they are making great efforts to develop their digital muscles in all areas from planning to supply management, from logistics processes to sales functions, by accelerating the technological investments initiated in 2018.

“We focus on improving customer experience with new generation digital solutions that will lead the retail industry in our country and eliminate the walls between online and offline channels in shopping. “We are constantly strengthening our technological infrastructure with our FLO Technology team of 200 people at Yildiz Technopark, where we are located today.”

Aiming to start a new era that will lead the industry by pushing the boundaries of technology in the retail industry, FLO Technology aims to offer its customers a personalized shopping experience with the innovative and technological solutions it has developed.

Approximately ₺280 million investment is planned in 2023

Yenal Gokyildirim stated that digitalization plays a key role in the near future existence of companies;

“New generation technologies change the way we perceive, understand and relate to the world we live in. It is inevitable that all processes from A to Z, starting from the supply chain, planning, logistics and stock management, execution of internal processes, reporting and analysis capabilities, data collection and big data management, customer experience design, etc. With this understanding, as FLO, we have invested around ₺150 million in technology in the last 2 years. “We plan to accelerate steps in this field by investing approximately ₺280 million more in 2023.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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