New share-based crowdfunding platform: Nar Fon

Setting out with the motto of Small Investments, Big Opportunities, Nar Fon, with its short name Nar Crowdfunding Platform, started its activities.

Nar Fon, the new player in the crowdfunding ecosystem, completed the integration of the Central Registry Agency (CRA) and Takasbank and took its place in the Capital Markets Board (CMB) list in May to start its operations. As of today, Nar Fon, which has opened its website to users, is waiting for both entrepreneurs and investors to its platform.

Nar Fon, which has completed its software, corporate communication and legal processes in-house, thanks to its founding team from different disciplines; In addition to the reliability of its crowdfunding system, it also draws attention with the agile structuring of its team.

Nar Fon aims to play an alternative role in the financing of production and technology companies with high potential for success. The platform, which received nearly 100 project applications even at the establishment stage, shows its reliability while taking its place in the ecosystem quickly.

Explaining the establishment process and goals of the platform, Nar Fon Founding Partner and General Manager Gokhan Alpen said;

“We will present our services to our investors and entrepreneurs in a transparent, reliable and easily accessible manner. While Nar Fon investors will have the opportunity to access big opportunities with small investments, entrepreneurs will be able to finance their ideas and projects. In addition, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to network, mentor and gain the approval of the masses.”

Nar Fon aims to provide over 10 million financing to 4 or 5 startups in 2023. In 2024, it aims to make Nar Fon one of the important stakeholders of the ecosystem and to mediate a financing of nearly 200 million with share-based crowdfunding.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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