Production of Turkish drones in Kazakhstan to begin in 2024

Production of Turkish ANKA drones in Kazakhstan is planned to begin in 2024, atamekenbusiness reports, citing Turkish Aerospace UAV ANKA program development manager Erol Oguz.

The size of investments is now being worked out, the manager noted. The program’s goal is not only to establish the production of unmanned aerial vehicles in Kazakhstan,but also to transfer knowledge to Kazakh specialists.

“We set a goal not just to open production, but to transfer experience and technology so that Kazakhstan can independently produce unmanned aerial vehicles in future,” explained Erol Oguz.

The production of Turkish ANKA UAVs in Kazakhstan has been discussed for several years, the publication adds.

A Memorandum on the military and technical government was signed in Ankara between NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC and Turkish Aerospace on May 10, 2022. According to this document, an assembly and maintenance line for ANKA unmanned aerial vehicles will be organized on the basis of the subsidiary company Kazakhstan Engineering.


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