Rize’s tea exports exceeded $9.6 million

Tea exports from Rize in the 11 months of the year increased by 45% and reached $9 million 614 thousand.

Saban Turgut, Vice President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association and Chairman of the Tea Sector Committee, said that 41% of Turkiye’s 11-month tea exports were carried out from Rize.

Stating that 3 thousand 119 tons of tea were exported from the city in the January-November period, Turgut stated that $9 million 614 thousand 514 were earned from this export.

Turgut stated that tea was sold to 31 countries from Rize and said:

“Belgium, Germany and the USA were the three countries with the most exports. Tea worth $8 million 48 thousand 28 was sold to Belgium, $271 thousand 34 to Germany, and $184 thousand 188 to the USA. Unlike the same period last year, tea was also exported to Poland, Congo, the United Kingdom, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Belarus, Czechia and Switzerland this period.”

Pointing out that $6 million 630 thousand 515 were earned from 2 thousand 776 tons of tea exports from Rize in the same period last year, Turgut pointed out that exports increased by 12% in quantity and 45% in income.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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