Startup Pioneer Pionr Acquires Payment Solutions Provider Tahsildar, Expanding B2B Payment Portfolio

Pionr, the startup technology company that establishes financial technology startups, develops these startups and actively strengthens them with the necessary strategies for their growth, announced that it has acquired Tahsildar in order to strengthen its activities in the field of B2B payments. Pionr, which made the purchase entirely with its own resources, aims to increase Tahsildar’s number of customers and increase its monthly transaction volume to ₺5 billion.

Pionr, one of the leading players in the fintech industry, acquired Tahsildar, which offers dealer/sub-dealer payment solutions, in order to effectively meet the digital payment needs of businesses and lead their financial processes.

With this strategic acquisition, Pionr aims to reduce the financial costs of businesses by simplifying their online ordering and collection processes and to serve as a reliable business partner. Appealing to businesses of all sizes, Tahsildar aims to support businesses in their growth journey and add value with its constantly developing and expanding platform and its approach that prioritizes customer success.

Tahsildar offers businesses a platform that facilitates dealer and sub-dealer management, a closed-loop e-commerce system and a virtual POS payment gateway. Thanks to this system, businesses can easily process orders and carry out dealer and sub-dealer collection management without any problems. Additionally, with Tahsildar’s payment gateway, businesses can effectively optimize their digital payment transactions by managing the virtual POS of all banks and payment institutions from a single center.

Growth will be in B2B

Emphasizing that, as a startup technology company, they focus on expanding their strategy in the B2B market, Pionr Founder Yakup Sezer said;

“Our goal is to develop solutions that will meet all the financial and technological needs of businesses. For this reason, we first acquired Norma to provide digital banking and e-transformation services to commercial customers. We took the second step by purchasing Tahsildar to facilitate online collection and order management for businesses. With Tahsildar’s capabilities and wide product portfolio, Pionr’s customer base will expand, its technological capabilities will be taken to the next level, customer satisfaction will be increased and it will be positioned in the B2B segment as well as the SME segment.”

“The aim is to create a unicorn through Tahsildar”

Stating that it was a pleasure to witness the development of Tahsildar, for which they worked hard as T-Soft, T-Soft Founder Omer Arikan said the following on the subject:

“For more than twenty years, as T-Soft, we have been a leading force guiding the e-commerce ecosystem. As a venture builder, we have proven that we have a broad vision in the sector with nearly 20 e-commerce products we have developed. These products have taken our customers’ businesses to the next level by providing solutions specific to their needs. With each innovation, we have taken steps that shape the future of e-commerce by anticipating the needs of the market. During this process, we demonstrated a broad vision and innovative approach that reinforced our leading position in the sector. At this point, we decided to join forces with Pionr in order to update our business strategies, focus more on existing businesses and become more specialized in these areas. We are transferring our Tahsildar platform to Pionr, a professional team with a company-building spirit that has established digital banking, investment banking, payment services and a number of fintech initiatives. This merger will create Tahsildar with a structure that has big goals and can become a global fintech player. Our goal is to create a unicorn through the Tahsildar platform. As T-Soft, we will continue to remain a partner of Tahsildar and be a part of its growth in this new period.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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