Startupfon received the Crowdfunding License from CMB

Joint investment platform Startupfon has made its name among the companies that received a Crowdfunding License from the CMB.

Startupfon, one of the investment companies that makes a significant contribution to Turkiye’s entrepreneurship ecosystem; received the Crowdfunding License issued by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) in order to increase investment opportunities for startups and to bring together the startups it invests with Venture Capital Funds with investors who want to make joint investments through the platform.

With this license, Startupfon offers the opportunity to become co-investors in startups through the platform, especially to individual and corporate investors who are new to the ecosystem or who want to become investors in startups invested by these institutions without participating in venture capital funds. At the same time, it offers investors the opportunity to easily manage all processes such as access to investment opportunities, evaluation of entrepreneurs, negotiation of investment terms, valuation and portfolio management.

Investing in more than 100 startups from all over Turkiye

Gulsum Ciraci, Founding Partner of Startupfon, said;

“We are focused on solving the biggest problems investors face and are committed to making the investment process easier for our investors. Our investors will also be able to follow the performance of the startups they invest in through our platform.”

Ciraci stated that they set out with the idea that a model similar to the investments successfully carried out by joint investment platforms such as Angellist and OurCrowd in the world could find solutions to the problems of investors in the Turkish ecosystem;

“Platforms that have made successful investments around the world point to the necessity of a similar model in Turkiye. Our platform, whose minimum investment amount is determined as ₺50,000, will offer its investors important advantages such as access to due diligence, valuation and investment conditions of ventures that have passed the fund filter. As Turkiye’s first joint investment platform, we plan to invest in more than 100 startups from all over Turkiye in the next 5 years with our venture capital funds. We pay attention to the characteristics of the technology startups we invest in, such as having innovative, sustainable technologies and the potential to export technology to international markets. “We aim to contribute to early-stage startups with growth potential by providing support in matters such as international networking, business development, team building, crisis management, and contributing to these startups’ creation of new employment areas and their transformation into technology exporting companies.”

To date, 2,600 potential investors from 41 different cities and countries such as Luxemburg, Germany and the USA have registered on the platform. 76% of these investors consist of investors with no previous investment experience.

Startupfon has invested in 15 different startups so far with its first fund established in 2021. These investments include well-known startups such as Colendi, Kunduz, Neol, EasyCep, Buy Buddy, Fortune Mine Games. In addition, Startupfon Seed GDP will soon start investing in Turkiye-based early stage startups in partnership with Arz Portfolio. The projects in which both funds have decided to invest will be opened to online investors on the platform, offering qualified investment opportunities.

The ventures, which have been carefully selected among many ventures by professional fund managers, and for which due diligence, valuation and contract negotiations have been completed, will be shared with other investors under the leadership of the fund, and investors will have the opportunity to jointly invest in ventures that produce high added value.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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