The e-commerce sector is growing with ETBİS

According to information obtained from the Ministry, the Electronic Commerce Information System and Electronic Commerce Information Platform ( were established to register businesses engaged in e-commerce in order to monitor e-commerce data accurately.

The system was launched in 2017, and businesses operating in e-commerce were registered to facilitate access to information about these businesses by citizens, share statistical data to monitor the development of e-commerce, and enable consumers to be informed about electronic commerce. An online complaint and inspection mechanism was established to solve consumer problems, and the “” website was created to answer many questions related to e-commerce.

36,777 businesses are registered in the system Information about service providers and intermediary service providers registered in the system, along with other necessary information, is announced on the platform. As of the end of March, there are 36,777 registered businesses and 43,580 sites in the system.

Citizens can query whether a site is registered with ETBİS and access information about the site through the registered site inquiry section on the platform. Through the e-commerce academy section on the platform, consumers can access a wealth of information about e-commerce, and with the ‘e-advisor’ feature, they can automatically get answers to their questions.

Training content is also available for companies The system also provides significant advantages for companies. There are 33 educational videos and 74 educational documents under 8 main headings for businesses wishing to engage in e-commerce. Current news, statistical information, and events related to e-commerce are also shared through the system.

All these efforts contribute to the development of healthy and sustainable policies, strategies, and actions in the field of e-commerce. Thus, the development trajectory of e-commerce in Turkey is monitored, evaluated, and measured accurately.

Order volume increased by 20% in the first six months of last year Important data such as the number of individuals and legal entities engaged in e-commerce activities and the volume of electronic commerce are shared with the public through “” via ETBİS. The e-commerce volume increased by 109.7% to 652.7 billion Turkish Lira in the first six months of last year compared to the same period of the previous year.

During the same period, the number of orders increased by 20% from 2.131 billion to 2.556 billion. The ratio of e-commerce to overall trade also reached 19.1%.

Establishment of long-term e-commerce policies is ensured ETBİS has accelerated the sectoral development of e-commerce in Turkey. By identifying e-commerce sectors that can offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and specially monitoring high-value-added areas, sectors that are not sufficiently involved in e-commerce have been identified. SMEs operating in these sectors have been directed towards e-commerce, contributing to the creation of medium and long-term e-commerce policies and increasing the recognition and national and international competitiveness of e-commerce entrepreneurs.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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