The logistics and transportation sector ranked 11th in the world in terms of market size

In a written statement from the Ministry, it was noted that efforts to accelerate activities in the logistics and transportation sector are being intensified in order to utilize Turkey’s geographical advantage to the fullest and increase commodity exports and foreign trade.

The statement emphasized that the sector holds a 2.5% share of the global logistics market with a $100 billion size and ranks 11th in the world. It was highlighted that the sector’s share in Turkey’s total service exports is 40% and that this share increases every year.

The statement explained that Turkey ranked 47th with 3.15 points in the Logistics Performance Index measured by the World Bank in 2018, and as of last year, it rose to 38th place with 3.4 points. It was noted:

“Our goal in the 12th Development Plan is to rise to 25th place by 2028. One of our investments in the logistics and transportation sector, which is one of the most important pillars of the services sector, is the Support for Overseas Logistics Distribution Networks (YLDA) Project. With the YLDA Project, overseas logistics networks, which are an important component of the supply chain, are considered as a whole system from start to finish, beyond supporting only one center and its elements. 24 applications were made to our Ministry, and approval was given to a total of 6 projects, 2 of which are based in America and 4 in Europe.”

The sector achieved $40 billion in exports last year The statement also referred to investments in the sector, indicating that 5 brands were supported for “branding” and 6 brands were supported under the TURQUALITY program.

It was reported in the statement that last year, national participation was realized in the most important fairs of the sector in Spain, Germany, and Poland with the support of the Ministry and the participation of firms, and approximately 395 million Turkish lira in support was provided to the sector by the Ministry in 2023.

The statement emphasized that in the said year, the logistics and transportation sector contributed significantly to the country’s economy with $40 billion in exports, and it was stated that new support packages that have never been provided to the sector before were implemented to increase the sector’s share in world trade and contribute to the country’s sustainable growth.

The statement highlighted that companies operating in the sector have started benefiting from these supports for the first time, and it was evaluated as follows:

“In the coming period, it is aimed to further expand the scope with different support items. In cooperation with sector stakeholders, we will continue our strategic roadmap and support activities in 2024 to ensure that the sector’s exports continue to increase.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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