The product with the highest price drop in Turkiye was “potato” in August

On the basis of consumer prices, the product with the highest price increase in August was “games of chance” with 74.67%, while the product whose price decreased was 2.72%, potatoes and some tuber plants.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the price increase in games of chance was followed by urban passenger transportation by taxi with 53.35%, intercity passenger transportation by land with 42.44%, and urban passenger transportation by rail with 36.57%.

Other products with the highest price increase in August included fuel and oil for personal transportation vehicles with 26.11%, urban passenger transportation by bus with 21.31%, and bread with 18.45%.

Last month, the price decrease was 2.72% in potatoes and some tuber crops. The products whose prices increased the least were lamb with 0.51%, beef with 1.11%, dry vegetables with 1.15%, pre-school education and primary education with 1.75%, and vegetables (except potatoes and some tuber plants) with 1.98%.

Source: Trthaber / Prepred by Irem Yildiz

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