Today’s Gold Prices: Current Exchange Rates for Gram and Quarter Gold (April 16, 2024)

Gold prices are wondered by investors. It is being searched online how much gram gold and quarter gold coin prices are today. So, what are the gold prices? How much are gram gold coin and quarter gold coin prices today?

The gram price of gold is traded at ₺2 thousand 468 after starting the day with a 0.4% decrease.

Quarter gold coin is sold for ₺4 thousand 360, and Republic gold is sold for ₺17 thousand 130.

The ounce price of gold, which broke the closing record at $2 thousand 383 by rising 1.7% yesterday, is currently traded at $2 thousand 365, 0.6% below its previous closing.

Analysts stated that volatility in asset prices increased due to the ongoing tension in the Middle East and the strengthening of concerns that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) may keep the policy interest at higher levels for longer than expected and stated that with the statements of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell today, the intense data agenda has become the focus of investors.

Analysts stated that concerns about potential retaliation by Israel following Iran’s attacks on Israel over the weekend caused the risk perception in the region to rise again, and stated that the macroeconomic data announced yesterday in the USA continued to feed inflation concerns and increased the selling pressure in bond markets.

Analysts stated that although rising bond interest rates increased the alternative cost of gold, developments in the Middle East led investors to act cautiously, and that this situation supported the ounce price of gold.

Analysts said that pricing in the money markets that the possibility of the Fed’s first interest rate cut has been postponed to September has gained strength.

Analysts stated that today, in addition to the news flow from the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, industrial production data in the USA will also be followed and noted that technically, $2 thousand 350 and $2 thousand 330 are support levels in the ounce price of gold, and $2 thousand 400 and $2 thousand 430 are resistance levels.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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