Trendyol Introduces Audio Guide for Visually Impaired Users in Collaboration with BlindLook, Enhancing E-commerce Accessibility in Turkiye

To make the e-commerce experience more inclusive, Trendyol collaborated with BlindLook, a local startup that creates freedom technologies for an accessible world. Trendyol integrated Audio Simulation technology into its website and mobile application, thus becoming the EyeBrand certified e-commerce platform with the highest number of users in Turkiye.

Trendyol, one of Turkiye’s leading e-commerce platforms, has taken its sustainability efforts, which aim to create a positive impact on its entire ecosystem, to a new level with its EyeBrand certificate, which opens the doors of online shopping experience to tens of thousands of visually impaired people.

Trendyol, in cooperation with the local startup BlindLook, integrated Audio Simulation technology, which includes visually impaired people into the online shopping world as active users, into its e-commerce channels.

Thanks to the audio mapping technology developed by BlindLook so that visually impaired consumers can use every product and service offered without needing help, Trendyol has made the visually-oriented e-commerce world accessible to the visually impaired with Audio Simulation.

“We are accelerating socially responsible transformation”

Stating that they are working to produce inclusive and applicable solutions for everyone by evaluating sustainability in all its dimensions, Trendyol Group Corporate Communications Director Irem Poyraz said;

“We are very pleased to join BlindLook’s Brand Network for the Visually Impaired with the EyeBrand certification. Our main mission is to create a positive impact by providing a perfect e-commerce experience to our customers. By using this influence on behalf of a more equal and more inclusive world, we support the right of 1 million visually impaired individuals in our country and 285 million in the world to participate in life freely. Thanks to the audio guide feature, visually impaired people will now be able to examine more than 200 million products on our platform and benefit from easy and reliable shopping opportunities by making their own decisions. It is a source of pride for us to be the EyeBrand certified e-commerce platform with the highest number of users in Turkiye with more than 30 million customers. With our BlindLook collaboration, we are accelerating the socially responsible transformation we aim for in line with our Sustainable Impact Plan.”

BlindLook co-founders Sadriye Gorece and Cihat Ersin Aydin said in their statement;

“As part of our EyeBrand network, we are delighted to have Trendyol join our world of AI-powered voice freedom. We have undertaken a project that will touch the lives of 1 million visually impaired people in our country and 285 million in the world. As BlindLook, we are creating a 100% voice-oriented world for the visually impaired in this world where communication is 80% vision-oriented, and we are expanding this by incorporating developing technology. We are very happy to work with an important brand of e-commerce such as Trendyol, which has a high number of users and will meet the needs of visually impaired individuals. We would like to thank Trendyol for walking with us on the path to realizing our dream of an equal, accessible and inclusive world, step by step.”

How Does Audio Simulation Work?

Audio Simulation, the audio-focused accessibility technology developed by BlindLook, makes products and services accessible to the visually impaired and allows individuals with full or partial vision impairment to use digital products and services without needing assistance. Working in parallel with screen reader programs, the technology guides users by verbally conveying the actions to be taken while using any website or application:

  • The visually impaired registers on the BlindLook platform
  • Trendyol’s simulations are compatible with the visually impaired person’s screen reader program.
  • Visually impaired people can enjoy fast, easy and reliable shopping by freely browsing through product options on and Trendyol mobile application with voice guidance.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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