Yemeksepeti’s local delivery robot, YEBO, started service in Caddebostan

YEBO, the autonomous robot of Yemeksepeti, which attracted great attention and developed with the artificial intelligence infrastructure of DELIVERS.AI, started to serve again in Caddebostan. Returning to the streets with a special coupon campaign this time, YEBO will enable users to have a special experience by receiving their orders from selected neighborhood businesses and restaurants included in the project during May.

YEBO, the delivery robot of Yemeksepeti, one of the pioneers of fast-paced trade in Turkiye, which was met with great interest by the citizens and the media, started its service on the streets of Caddebostan again. YEBO, which does not consume fossil fuels, works with electricity and delivers environmentally friendly orders, continues to deliver orders from selected restaurants of Caddebostan and Yemeksepeti Mahalle businesses.

With its technology investments, Yemeksepeti has implemented important innovative projects to provide its users with not only today’s but also the future customer experience, and set off again for a unique experience with one of them, the autonomous delivery robot YEBO. This innovative experience, available to users ordering from certain neighborhood businesses and restaurants, represents one of the first examples of the clean and eco-friendly delivery model of the future.

Equipped with future technologies

In order for delivery processes to be realized in a smart, fast, efficient and sustainable manner, Yemeksepeti and DELIVERS.AI aim to make local delivery more environmentally friendly, fast, hygienic, smart, risk-free and cost-effective. The technology and software of YEBO, which works with autonomous navigation infrastructure in a simulation environment and aims to automate deliveries within a 1.6 km radius, were also developed by DELIVERS.AI.

Equipped with cameras and sensors that allow it to detect living things and movements around it, YEBO has the possibility of safe movement, just like all advanced autonomous robots. Thanks to the transmitters on it, YEBO, whose location can be monitored live by moment by moment, provides security thanks to the camera inside the chamber, together with the locks on the cover and battery.

The first order brought by YEBO wins you ₺100

After the first order delivered by YEBO, which has started to serve again in Caddebostan, a coupon worth ₺100 will be given to be used in the order of ₺150 or more. Users placing orders from selected businesses and restaurants in Caddebostan will be able to benefit from the campaign, which will continue until the end of May.

Yemeksepeti, which delivers hundreds of thousands of orders to its users in the fastest way possible every day thanks to its experience, expertise and technologies, is also preparing to implement new projects in order to continue to be the leading brand in the field of h-commerce and to play an important role in shaping the future of delivery with its innovative identity.

How does the YEBO system work?

A code is sent via e-mail to users who accept Yemeksepeti’s autonomous delivery offer. Waiting on the sidewalks in the service area, in pre-determined suitable areas, YEBO takes the ordered product from the restaurant or neighborhood businesses with a special optimization and navigation algorithm when the order arrives, and takes it to the user’s building door. The user can reach their order quickly and safely by entering the code from the area on YEBO.

Equipped with 3 infrared depth sensors and 8 visible wavelength cameras, YEBOs have 360-degree environmental awareness. Equipped with obstacle recognition software, YEBO can navigate in dynamic environments without hitting an obstacle. Robots with DELIVERS.AI technology infrastructure, which can perform a smooth ride by avoiding humans, animals and various dynamic objects; It can also be controlled manually by the tele-operator, if necessary, during autonomous driving in areas with high population density.

Indoor version YEBOs are in Akasya and Akmerkez

The indoor version YEBOs, which YEBO made ready in the last year after Caddebostan, serve in Akasya and Akmerkez. Taking orders from selected restaurants through Yemeksepeti, YEBO goes from the dining floor to the ground floor and delivers the order to the Yemeksepeti field staff, who is waiting at the door.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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