Turkcell has taken new steps towards goal of being carbon neutral: Agreement with Huawei

Accelerating its efforts to increase its environmental, social and governance impact positively, Turkcell signed strategic cooperation agreements with Huawei in the field of sustainability at the Mobile World Congress. These collaborations, which will contribute to the sustainable world, cover different topics from increasing energy efficiency to renewable energy.

Digital Operator Turkcell continued to strengthen its activities and positive contribution to sustainability and energy efficiency with the cooperation agreements it signed at the Mobile World Congress. Thanks to these collaborations with international technology companies, Turkcell has taken new steps towards its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

The first of the goodwill agreements Turkcell signed with Huawei aims to test Huawei’s low-carbon technology solutions that will create energy efficiency in Turkcell’s network. After the evaluation of the results, studies will continue to increase cooperation in this and similar product groups. Thanks to these collaborations, Turkcell plans to continue its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by increasing energy efficiency in line with its sustainability vision.


The second agreement signed covers activities in the field of solar energy. Turkcell Energy and Huawei, within the scope of the goodwill protocol to be signed in the field of solar energy, which has become a big market in the world and is thought to become an important market in Turkey with the increasing tendency and interest in sustainability trends, promised that they would be open to cooperation and negotiations on issues such as the establishment of solar energy projects in residential and corporate locations, producing simple and effective solutions to the needs of customers, and providing quality service to customers by creating a competent business model.

Pointing out that as Turkcell, they have developed technology for a better world with their human-oriented and environmentally friendly way of doing business, Turkcell Chairman of the Board Bulent Aksu stated that they offer digital services that allow reducing carbon emissions and efficient use of energy. Emphasizing that Turkcell not only meets 100% of its energy consumption from renewable energy sources, but also realizes renewable energy generation with the purchase of wind power plant and solar panel investments in 2021, Bulent Aksu said the following regarding the signed cooperation agreements:

“As Turkcell, we strive to ensure that the environmental, social and governance dimensions of our business are universally valuable. We remain determined to achieve our goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. We announced the Sustainable Governance Principles, which guide our social and environmental business conduct in all business processes, in June 2021. The steps we have taken in terms of sustainability; On the one hand, it will contribute to reducing the country’s emissions, on the other hand, it will enable the design of new product, service and employment areas. Turkey’s ability to maintain its international competitiveness depends on the rapid steps we will take on climate change. In this sense, we need innovative and concrete steps that will contribute to this transformation in every sector and every field in our country.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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