Turkiye: Private school fees to increase by 65 percent

An increase of 65 percent has been determined in fees at private schools, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has announced.

The ministry made a change and determined the fee increase based on the consumer price index (TÜFE) instead of the producer price index (ÜFE), Özer noted after a two-hour meeting with the managers of private education institutions at the ministry.

“We, as the Education Ministry, decided to set the increase as 65 percent considering the low inflation expectation for 2023,” he said.

Stating that the administrators of private schools found the rate of 65 percent low, Özer said, “I am grateful to them for freely sharing their views with us. But we took such a decision both by taking into account the TÜFE and to support parents.”

“I wish that the new decision we have taken will be beneficial to our students and parents in private education institutions.Though the sector representatives do not accept this increased rate, we will overcome the difficulties brought by the new application by supporting each other.”

The minister also pointed out that the parties did not only talk about the increase in wages at the meeting. “We have also comprehensively evaluated what we can do regarding the increase in the quality of private education institutions and the support they need for their services.”

Özer thanked the administrators of private schools for providing education services to the students for many years and for “taking a great responsibility in increasing the quality of human resources.”


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