Turkiye’s Mobile Entrepreneurs and Digital Service Providers Convene at Zotlo Store Launch in Istanbul on May 8

Turkiye’s Successful Mobile Entrepreneurs and Leading Digital Service Providers will meet at the Zotlo Store Launch Event to be held in Istanbul on May 8.

Turkiye’s successful mobile entrepreneurs and leading digital service providers are coming together at the Zotlo Store launch event to be held in Istanbul on May 8. While dynamic changes in the mobile application market and new marketing strategies will be discussed at this important event, Teknasyon’s latest innovation, Zotlo Store, will be presented as an attractive alternative for digital content providers that will accelerate your “web sales”.

You can register for the event from this link.

Zotlo offers an end-to-end “Web-to-App” experience to digital content providers, allowing you to create user acquisition flows with drag-and-drop methods, without the need for coding knowledge.

It also helps you accept global payments and increase your sales with A/B testing. Especially for businesses that offer subscription services, it offers solutions to critical problems such as accepting payments and managing subscriptions worldwide, reducing user acquisition costs and reducing pressure on app markets.

At the launch event on May 8, “Web-to-App” experiences will be shared in a panel with the participation of Acunmedya Exxen group president Oktay Yilmaz, Meditopia’s co-founder Berk Yilmaz, Kompanion’s co-founder Erkmen Erakkus and Teknasyon product director Oguz Bakir. There will also be a speech by Meta’s Turkiye director Ilke Carkci Toptas titled “New Trends in the Digital Market with Meta” and a special panel where Gulse Birsel and Yekta Kopan will discuss the opportunities offered by the digital world for content creators.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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