Turkiye’s first technology fund focused on material technologies, 212 NexT, was established

Turkiye’s first deep technology fund focusing on material technologies, 212 NexT, was established, with the leading investor being Akkok Next, a subsidiary of Akkok Holding. The fund will invest in innovative startups in the growing deep technology market in Turkiye and around the world. Investments in technology solutions that will contribute to both economic and environmental sustainability will transform sectors from chemistry to textiles, packaging to energy, automotive to electronics.

Sustainability continues to be at the top of the agenda not only of countries but also of companies. In line with their sustainability goals, companies are making great efforts to have technologies that increase efficiency, reduce waste and provide recycling, especially in energy and water. While initiatives on these issues attract great attention, investments made in initiatives focusing especially on advanced materials provide two-way benefits by supporting both economic and environmental sustainability.

Akkok Next, the venture capital company of Akkok Holding, one of Turkiye’s leading and well-established industrial groups, established Turkiye’s first vertical deep technology fund, 212 NexT, with 212. Akkok Holding, which includes 23 companies in different sectors, especially chemistry, energy and composites, became the leading investor of 212 NexT with the venture capital company Akkok Next.

An important alternative for investors

212 NexT will focus on advanced materials and innovative deep technology initiatives that are leading the transformation of global value chains. Advanced materials are not only revolutionizing a variety of industries, from energy to automotive, biomedical to construction, but also offer cleaner, more efficient solutions that minimize waste and energy consumption.

While 275 new deep technology startup companies were established globally in 2022, startups in this field received $19.7 billion in investment in Europe and $51 billion in the USA. As the transformation with deep technologies continues to increase in the world and hence the interest in deep technology investments, 212 NexT Fund is being launched to be a part of this change. 212 NexT Fund will be an important alternative for investors who want to invest and benefit from the growth potential in this field.

Will invest in environmental and economic technology initiatives

Akkok Holding, which has determined the sustainability approach it has adopted since the day it was founded as a compass in every step it takes, will take a leading role in investments that will contribute to both economic and environmental sustainability with the 212 NexT fund, of which Akkok Next is the leading investor.

Akkok Holding CEO Goksin Durusoy, who pointed out that the interest in deep technologies is increasing globally and material technologies are positioned as the driving force, said in his statement;

“We believe that 212 NexT will contribute to shaping the future by expanding the initiatives that shape the future. We know that today, sustainability and green transformation have become one of the main issues of the global agenda and economic growth. The European Green Deal and the Industry 5.0 framework have embodied this change. Interest in material technologies continues to increase with the needs created by this change. The transformation of traditional sectors with new technologies can be a solution to sustainability problems such as carbon emissions, waste and water, and also brings economic growth and competitiveness by ensuring productivity increases. With 212 NexT, we aim to invest in startups from all over the world that develop these technologies.”

Turkiye’s first vertical deep technology fund

Investing in innovative technologies contributes significantly to reducing the burdens arising from the EU Border Carbon Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). In the face of the increasingly critical climate crisis, as international regulations on carbon emissions tighten, companies that prioritize sustainable materials can increase their competitive advantage by gaining a better position in compliance with regulations such as CBAM.

Selin Arslanhan, Managing Partner of 212 NexT, said that they observe the opportunities that shape the future in material technologies;

“We are very excited to launch Turkiye’s first vertical deep technology fund. In addition to focusing on global initiatives, 212 NexT will also close an important gap in the Turkish ecosystem and provide access to technologies that can meet the needs of traditional sectors. We aim to create value that democratizes access to deep technologies for both investors and industry.”

Contribution to the growth of companies of the future

Numan Numan, Founding Partner of 212, said: “As 212, we created the 212 NexT fund by combining our more than ten years of experience in technology investments with the sector knowledge of our experienced and influential investors led by Akkok Holding. Through this fund, we will provide capital to the companies of the future in material technologies and accompany their growth processes.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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