Turkiye’s success in sustainable tourism will be explained at COP28

Turkiye’s pioneering work in the field of sustainable tourism will be presented at the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).

The Sustainable Tourism Certificate Program is implemented in Turkiye, which carried out the first pioneering work in the world by making a contract with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

In this context, the number of facilities that completed the criteria in the first stage across the country exceeded 7 thousand. More than a thousand hotels met all criteria and received sustainable tourism certificates.

Turkiye’s work within the scope of the certification program for sustainable tourism is cited as an example in the world by GSTC.

In this context, Cappadocia University Rector Prof Dr Hasan Ali Karasar, Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) Deputy General Manager Elif Balci Fisunoglu, Agency Press Spokesperson Kaan Kasif Kavaloglu, Turkish Hoteliers Federation President Erkan Yagci and GSTC Deputy Chairman Ram Kumar will talk about Turkiye’s sustainable tourism at COP28.

The success of Turkish tourism in the field of sustainability will be discussed in the panel to be held on December 10 within the framework of the ongoing conference in the United Arab Emirates.

Turkiye’s work in this field, which implements sustainable tourism by taking precautions against global climate change, is expected to be a model for the world.

“We will crown this honor of Turkiye”

Kavaloglu, who is also the President of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association, told the AA correspondent that Turkiye has taken measures in tourism against global climate change by signing a Sustainable Tourism Program agreement with GSTC.

Stating that they are pioneers in the world in terms of environmental awareness and sustainability of the system in tourism, Kavaloglu said:

“Turkiye was the first country in the world to make an agreement with GSTC for sustainable tourism. So far, more than a thousand hotels have met all the criteria and received certification and our country has achieved great success in this field. With this agreement signed by our Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkiye was included in the Sustainable Tourism Program. It was important that we were the first country to do this in tourism. We will have the opportunity to explain the successful operation we carried out as TGA together with our academics at COP28. We will crown this honor of Turkiye.”

Hoping that all tourism stakeholders, as well as accommodation facilities, will adopt this program, Kavaloglu said, “Sustainability is a very important issue. We expect this awareness to be created in all agencies and restaurants serving tourism and everyone operating in this field. It will be the first choice of tourists coming to our country. We think that Turkiye’s success can be used effectively in marketing.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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