Varsapp, a goods rental platform, received an investment of $200 thousand

Varsapp, a local technological platform provider where users can rent goods safely and quickly, received an investment of $200 thousand.

Varsapp, a local startup founded by Zeynep Elicin and Hande Sevinc in 2021, allows its users to safely rent from individuals or large brands in line with their daily or seasonal needs.

In addition to these models, Varsapp also operates in the B2C business model, thanks to the ‘VarsappTech’ category, where its own technological products can be rented.

Varsapp, which realized its first investment round in September 2022, quadrupled its valuation as a result of the positive developments in its metrics and technology within 1 year, and succeeded in realizing a bridge investment tour 1 year after the first investment round. In addition to institutional investors such as hiVC and Founder One, existing investors Mehmet Toprak and Murat Aksoz participated in the investment tour.

Varsapp, which has exceeded 100,000 downloads in total and announced that it will soon release the new version of its mobile application, will offer a better user experience to its users with the investment it has received and will be taking firm steps towards becoming Turkiye’s most successful goods rental platform with the increase in the number and variety of products.

The startup that includes the most brands in the Turkish furniture rental market: Varsapp

Varsapp, which includes leading brands in their fields within its platform, is the enterprise that includes the most brands in the Turkish furniture rental market. Varsapp, which creates value for brands in the rental sector by allowing brands to experience new products with users in the market and direct their marketing and development activities by receiving ‘dataset-oriented’ feedback, can safely rent many products in multiple categories, from technology to daily life, thanks to the technology it has developed. Varsapp, the only platform where users can rent based on the ‘minimum 3-day rental’ feature, offers its users products in many different categories, from game consoles to camping tents, with the ‘VarsappTech’ category.

Varsapp co-founder Hande Sevinc: “Our goal is to grow much faster and more effectively and to introduce the rental habit to the masses.”

“We are announcing this investment, which we received in August, today, after a period of hard work to provide the best service to our users. We think that closing this round, consisting of hiVC, Founder One and very valuable angel investors, is very important for Varsapp and the growing rental ecosystem. We are already very excited to achieve even greater things together with our investors. At Varsapp, by offering a calendar option to our users, we ensure that the product is delivered to the address on the date they need and plan, and our repeat order rate is increasing day by day. In this way, we prevent the generation of large amounts of electronic waste and create a sustainable living space. Our goal is to grow much faster and more effectively and to introduce the rental habit to the masses.”

Haluk Nisli from Inveo Investment Holding: “It is very valuable and pleasing for us to add a leading enterprise of its sector to our portfolio.”

Founded in 2022 by Gedik Investment, Turkiye’s leading institution in the field of capital markets, and its main partner Inveo Investment Holding, Inveo Ventures aims to become one of the important investors of the ecosystem with the investments it will announce in the new period, as well as the investments it has made in the group’s existing initiatives.

Haluk Nisli, general manager of Inveo Ventures, said about the Varsapp investment: “The values provided by Varsapp; We are very happy that it fits perfectly with our motto of ‘creating sustainable ecosystems’, which our group and we individually attach great importance to. It is very pleasing for us to add Varsapp to our portfolio, as we see that it differentiates itself from both local and global competitors with its products and visions in the sector in which it operates. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all stakeholders, especially the Varsapp team, and we will continue to support pioneering technology-based initiatives within the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

Founder One Investment Committee Member and General Manager Ali Sahin said, “One of the biggest obstacles to sustainability is our individual habits that encourage constant consumption. Varsapp encourages the revival of unused products at individual and corporate levels by putting them on sale. It contributes to both the circular economy and sustainability with the services it offers. We believe that the end-to-end impact created by Varsapp will grow day by day, and we are happy to be a part of this impact.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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