WePlay Hub launches its first program with 14 game studios from 7 countries

Netherlands-based investment fund WePlay Ventures, which was established to invest in game startups in Europe, Central Asia and Turkiye, launched the WePlay Hub program, one of the largest game acceleration programs in Europe, which it announced earlier this year to contribute to the development of early-stage game startups and to touch all game studios in the region.

WePlay HUB, which received more than 300 applications from 15 countries, accepted 14 game studios from 7 different countries, which successfully completed the detailed evaluation process among these applications, to its first program.

Startups participating in the WePlay HUB program receive more than a hundred hours of technical and business development training for three months. Gaming startups increase their technical capacity with the training they receive from expert mentors, while at the same time, they have the opportunity to improve themselves in matters such as the important points of publishing successful games, the development of investment strategies and the preparation of investment documents.

With its strong partnership agreements, WePlay Ventures offers the opportunity to work and partner with publishers, service providers, game engines and the industry’s leading big game companies serving in the game ecosystem of its studios, which were accepted to the acceleration program. WePlay HUB, which also aims to eliminate the shortcomings of early stage game studios in the management of investment processes and investor negotiations, offers the opportunity to receive investment from WePlay Ventures at the end of the program, together with the evaluations to be made during the program.

The purpose of the WePlay HUB program is to provide the support that every studio in Europe, Central Asia and Turkiye needs.

Burak Yilmaz, Managing Director of WePlay Ventures, said about this program;

“From the day WePlay was founded, we have been working to contribute to the development of early-stage game studios and the growth of the game ecosystem. Turkiye has become a very important market for the global gaming ecosystem. We aim to transfer the experiences we have gained while contributing to the development of the Turkish ecosystem to game studios in Europe and Central Asia with the WePlay HUB program. In this way, we aim to develop other developing game ecosystems faster and increase the number of successful game studios. The WePlay HUB program will restart every quarter and continue continuously, contributing to the development of hundreds of startups, making it one of the leading structures in the industry. I congratulate all the startups selected for the program and wish them continued success.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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