WhatsApp Introduces Multi-Account Feature in Beta

WhatsApp has recently begun rolling out a highly anticipated feature that allows users to have multiple accounts within a single app. This feature, which was previously tested in June, is now being made available to selected beta testers.

According to WabetaInfo, the latest update to the WhatsApp beta for Android is known as version It introduces the ability for certain beta testers to add multiple accounts to their app. Adding a new account is a simple process. Users can just tap the arrow icon located next to the QR code button.

WhatsApp Introduces Multi-Account Feature: Simplifying Account Management for Users

One of the key advantages of this new feature is the seamless switching between different accounts. Users can effortlessly move between their various accounts without the need to log out. It’s worth noting that all newly added accounts will remain active on the device until the user decides to log out.

The purpose of this feature is to streamline and enhance the user experience. By consolidating private chats, work conversations, and other chats within a single app,users can keep their conversations and notifications separate for each account. This eliminates the need for multiple devices or parallel apps when managing different accounts.

Moreover, this update simplifies the process of managing multiple accounts on a single device. Instead of configuring separate WhatsApp accounts on each device, users can conveniently use just one app on their primary device to access and switch between their various accounts.Currently, the multi-account feature is only accessible to specific beta testers. It’s for the ones who have updated to the latest WhatsApp beta for Android. However, we expect it to become available to a broader audience in the upcoming weeks. WhatsApp users around the world are eagerly anticipating the wider release of this feature. As it promises to provide a more efficient and convenient way to manage multiple accounts within a single app.


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