Which investment tool has earned the most this week?

Which investment, bring in how much? This week, when the intense domestic and international data agenda was experienced, the Stock Exchange earned the most for its investors. Stocks traded in Borsa Istanbul gained 9.27% on a weekly basis, 0.15% in dollar/TL, 0.30% in euro/TL, and 0.02% in gram selling price of gold.

BIST 100 index, after seeing the lowest point of 3,247.88 and the highest point of 3,545,86, closed the week at 3,521.38 points, increasing by 9.27% compared to the previous week’s closing.

The selling price of 24-carat gold bullion, traded in the Grand Bazaar, rose by 0.02% to ₺1,004.20 this week, and the selling price of Republican gold rose by 0.03% to ₺6,730.

The sales price of quarter gold, which was ₺1,647 last weekend, also remained flat.

This week, the US dollar appreciated by 0.15% to ₺18.2410, and the euro increased by 0.30% to ₺18.3120.

Mutual funds gained 1.64% and private pension funds gained 2.71% this week. According to their categories, “Equity Funds” was the highest earner among mutual funds with 5.39%.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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