Arcelik starts solar panel production

Investing in sustainability activities, Arcelik has made an important investment in the field of renewable energy and started solar panel production. High quality solar panels will be produced with the support of artificial intelligence in the facility, which was established on an area of 11 thousand square meters in Beylikduzu, Istanbul. An end-to-end solution will be offered to customers with the assurance of Arcelik Corporate Solutions and a widespread product and service network in Turkiye.

Arcelik, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of durable consumption, is starting solar panel production by making an important investment in the field of renewable energy. The capacity of the solar panel production facility with an indoor area of 11 thousand square meters in Istanbul Beylikduzu is planned to be doubled by the end of this year.

Fatih Kemal Ebiclioglu, Chairman of Koc Holding Durable Goods Group, said in a statement;

“Arcelik has added a new one to its 30 production facilities in 9 countries with its solar panel production. The solar panel production facility, realized by Arcelik with an investment of approximately €10 million, has a production capacity of 550 thousand solar panels. With the investments we will make in the second half of the year, the annual production capacity will exceed 1 million. I believe that Arcelik’s step into solar panel production is a very important and strategic development for our country. Arcelik, which is the leader of the sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the 4th consecutive year, will accelerate the renewable energy transformation in our country by leading the studies in this field with its solar panel production. The use of renewable energy from an unlimited and clean source such as the sun not only reduces energy costs, but also helps to reduce carbon emissions. I believe that Arcelik’s step into solar panel production is a very important and strategic development for our country. Arcelik’s start of domestic production in this field will also support the increase in the use of renewable energy and the reduction of foreign dependency in energy in our country. Our goal is to not only meet the needs of Turkiye with domestic production in this field, but also to export to Europe in the near future.”

Arcelik has 30 R&D offices around the world and approximately 30 thousand employees in the field of production and technology. Emphasizing that the company offers environmentally friendly products to its customers with its investments in innovation and technology at the press conference, Arcelik Deputy General Manager for Production and Technology Bayiz explained that they have integrated solar energy technology into white goods. Refrigerators and freezers developed by Arcelik R&D can use electricity and solar energy together. Solar Hybrid Product line, which works with 100% solar energy when there is sun, was introduced to the African market.

Arcelik’s solar panels are guaranteed for 12 years of product and 25 years of efficiency

Arcelik will provide its customers with a comprehensive service from the installation of the solar panels it produces to obtaining the necessary permits and maintenance services. Arcelik’s 550-watt solar panels have a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year minimum 83 percent linear performance guarantee.

Arcelik is installing the first products from the Beylikdüzü facility, which started test production, in container cities in the earthquake zone. The company aims to support some of the electricity needs by installing solar panels on the roofs of container cities established with the support of Koc Group companies.

Aiming to achieve net zero emissions in all of its operations by 2050, Arcelik will increase its installed capacity in renewable energy to 50 MW by 2030 with new investments. Arcelik aims to reach this goal in a much shorter time with the solar power plants and land projects it has built in its own facilities. In Turkiye, there are solar power plants in Ankara, Eskisehir, Tekirdag, Bolu and Manisa facilities, as well as in production facilities in Thailand, South Africa, Romania and Pakistan. With these solar power plants installed in Arcelik’s facilities, 21,000 MWh of electricity will be produced annually and will prevent 9922 tons of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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