Central Bank reserves reached a 9-year peak

Central Bank reserves have increased by $36 billion since the end of May, reaching a 9-year peak of $134.5 billion.

Weekly Money and Bank Statistics were published by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye (CBRT).

Accordingly, as of November 17, the Central Bank’s gross foreign exchange reserves increased by $4 billion 582 million to $89 billion 226 million. Gross foreign exchange reserves were at the level of $84 billion 644 million on November 10.

During the said period, gold reserves increased by $1 billion 271 million, from $43 billion 970 million to $45 billion 241 million.

The Central Bank’s total reserves reached the highest level of the last 9 years in the week of November 17, from $128 billion 614 million to $134 billion 468 million, an increase of $5 billion 854 million compared to the previous week.

The increase in total reserves between the end of May and the week ending November 17 was $36 billion 10 million, corresponding to 36.6%.

During this period, total reserves increased for 15 consecutive weeks, recording the longest increase in the data history, which started in 1987.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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