Domestic podcast production company Podbee Media received an investment over a $ 3.5 million valuation in the bridge round

Podcast production company Podbee Media has closed its bridge round with a valuation of $3.5M. Faruk Eczacibasi became one of the investors of the startup that transformed the media and entertainment industry in the sound vertical in Turkiye.

Podbee Media, the creator of podcast content such as Fularsiz Entellik, 111Hz with Baris Ozcan, Trend Topic, Dilozof ile Dunyaya Firlatildik, Kayip Esya Burosu, completed its bridge investment tour with a valuation of $3.5 million.

Founded in 2020 by Candost Bayraktar, Tulin Ozen and Tansu Bicer, the company announced its first investment in April 2022.

Faruk Eczacibasi, Rauf Cem Erkli, and Birtan Cetinoz and Gunay Gulec, the founders of 9726 Aero LLC, which was established in the USA to invest in different verticals, are the newcomers to the tour, including the current investors Firat Isbecer and Kerem Tokcan.

4 Times More Turnover in 2022 with the Right Investment

Podbee Media Founder Candost Bayraktar said the following about this investment, which will be used to bring podcasts and shows to more people, to create a podcast culture in Turkiye and to invest in new shows with high production. “First of all, we are happy to receive the second investment in the same year. It is extremely important that a company that stands out with its content and invests in it gets a share from the investment ecosystem. 2022 was a very successful year for Podbee Media, while we increased our streaming numbers more than 3 times compared to 2021, we also quadrupled our turnover, and our number of unique listeners has doubled. We have started a transformation in Turkiye with our podcast shows. By adding new shows to our network in 2023, we will continue to surprise our listeners and add value to their time with content that will keep them engaged every minute of it. We will also initiate feasibility studies for opening up to new markets.”

Faruk Eczacibasi: “I will take part in Podbee not only as an investor, but also as one of its creators”

Faruk Eczacibasi, one of the new investors of Podbee Media, said about the investment: In addition to newspapers, books and magazines, we are faced with an incredible amount of written content on the internet and social media. Allocating time to all these has reached the level of impossibility, especially for individuals living in the city. We have to plan our time and evaluate it within the framework of this plan. While planning this, it was one of the most practical ways to bring together the physical and sensory combinations of not being able to physically do more than one thing at the same time. As a result, there are now separate media even for on the road, on the go, doing sports or relaxing, and podcasts are the media that we can integrate this into our life best. Podcasts are an invaluable tool for making good use of our time. And we will work together with Podbee to bring this vehicle to the best points it can reach. In addition, I will take part in this media as a creator. Our “It’s Just Beginning” podcast, which we prepared with dear Ceren Zeytinoglu, is also live on all podcast platforms. “

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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