DOSIDER President: Turkiye has become the production center of Europe

Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Nevzat Satiroglu stated that natural gas was delivered to 804 settlements, including city centers, and that natural gas will be delivered to 1023 settlements by the end of 2026 and to all district centers by the end of 2028.

The 30th Anniversary Meeting organized by the Association of Natural Gas Devices Industrialists and Businessmen (DOSIDER) with the theme “High Efficiency, Safe Technology and Environmentally Friendly Future for Sustainable Heating” was held in Istanbul.

In his speech here, Satiroglu said that the goal of spreading natural gas all over Turkiye is possible with quality and safe natural gas devices that comply with international standards. Satiroglu emphasized the importance of encouraging investments and contributing to professional organizations in this regard in order to create a predictable and sustainable natural gas market. “In this context, DOSIDER, which is the umbrella organization of 30 companies and covers 95% of the heating sector, working to solve sectoral problems and develop the sector, has fulfilled an important mission in this regard. It has become a source of pride for our country with its annual export of $1.2 billion.”

Satiroglu noted that Turkiye, which has reached a daily input capacity of 447 million cubic meters with the investments made, has gained natural gas supply flexibility. Drawing attention to Turkiye’s underground natural gas storage facilities, Satiroglu said, “We aim to increase our natural gas storage volume to 13.4 billion cubic meters and our daily regeneration capacity from these storages to 155 million cubic meters by the end of 2028.” Satiroglu said, “As part of our efforts to strengthen our natural gas infrastructure, we increased the length of our natural gas transmission and distribution line, which was approximately 16 thousand kilometers in 2022, to approximately 213 thousand kilometers with investments.”

Stating that the spread of natural gas, which is an environmentally friendly fuel, plays an important role in reaching the carbon footprint target, Satiroglu said, “We continue to support our industrialists in the process where the carbon tax implemented by the European Union will create significant cost increases for our industrialists. For this purpose, we have increased the number of OIZs using natural gas to 197 and we will continue to increase it.”

Satiroglu pointed out that natural gas was delivered to 804 settlements, including city centers, and said, “The natural gas we delivered to 57 settlements in 2023 alone will reach a total of 1023 settlements by the end of 2026, and all district centers in our country will have natural gas by the end of 2028.” Emphasizing that Turkiye, which continues its activities in the deep seas without slowing down, has become one of the countries with the largest drilling and seismic research ship fleet in the region, Satiroglu underlined that the discovery of 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the Black Sea was made by Turkiye with its own capital, manpower and fleet.

Satiroglu said that the necessary steps have been taken for Turkiye to become an energy trade center and that they will increase its regional position with new natural gas export agreements.


DOSIDER President Ekrem Erkut said that natural gas, the most environmentally friendly fuel among fossil fuels, has become an energy source benefited by 715 of the population in 81 provinces and approximately 800 districts of Turkiye, with over 20 million subscribers and 72 distribution companies throughout the country.

Erkut stated that Turkiye, which was initially only an importer in the sector, has now become the production base of Europe in some product groups. “Turkiye has become the production center of Europe in the production of more than 2.5 million combi boilers, in the production of panel radiators of more than 15 million meters, and in the production of more than 2 million natural gas meters. Half of the approximately 2.5 million combi boilers we manufacture are used in the domestic market and the other half in the export markets.”

Stating that the members of the association are manufacturers and exporters of various product groups, Erkut stated that DOSIDER members operate in the export market of approximately $1.2 billion. Erkut stated that the sector provides direct employment to approximately 20 thousand people and contributes to the employment of 200 thousand people with more than 6 thousand business partners. Following the speeches, DOSIDER Vice President Ufuk Aktan and DOSIDER Marketing Committee Chairman Ali Aktas shared the details of the association’s new strategy document titled “Future Vision, Strategy and Action Plan”.

Source: Patronlardunyasi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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