Game Factory partners with Google for Turkish game industry

Startup incubator Game Factory is partnering with Google to add to the support it has been extending to successful Turkish game developers.

The Istanbul-based online game development accelerator has become the first partner in the game industry for Google for Startups, a program that seeks to support thriving, diverse and inclusive startup communities around the world.

Game Factory currently backs more than 70 game studios in Turkey with training, mentoring, helping them find teammates, publish games, while also providing them with investor networks.

The incubator will now offer more opportunities to game developers with its global Google partnership.

Products and experts

Kevin O’Toole, global head of Accelerator Strategy, Operations and Partnerships, said Google for Startups is excited to be partnering with Game Factory.

“As Google, we are pleased to officially start our partnership with Game Factory. Considering the significant growth of the Turkish startup ecosystem and especially the gaming sector, it is important for us to increase our effectiveness in Turkey,” said O’Toole.

“We are excited to continue supporting entrepreneurs in Turkey through the Game Factory and to provide Google’s best products, technologies and experts to the game studios at the Game Factory.

Growth of ecosystem

Efe Küçük, CEO of the Game Factory, stated that thanks to their partnership with Google, the incubator can now provide more support to the Turkish gaming sector.

“We are excited to take our partnership with Google to the next level. We have no doubt that this partnership will offer great benefits to Game Factory and the Turkish gaming sector, which has reached a serious growth rate and is on the way to globalization,” Küçük said.

“We are very glad that thanks to our partnership with Google,we will be able to offer more support to our ecosystem. In addition, we are very excited to be the first partner of Google for Startups in the gaming field. By combining our expertise in game entrepreneurship with Google’s network, we will benefit the Turkish game ecosystem more and grow together.”
Global journey for studios

As part of the partnership with Google for Startups, Game Factory will introduce Turkish game developers to the global Google network.

As part of this network, game developers located in the Game Factory incubation center will be able to receive mentorship from experts working on various Google products such as the Play Store, AdMob, Ads and YouTube.

They will also have the opportunity to participate in local and global events hosted by Google and Game Factory.

Costs to drop with Google loans

Game Factory will also be providing game developers with loans from products such as Google Workspace, Firebase and Ads.

Thanks to these loans, developers will both reduce their expenses and learn how to use these products in the most efficient way with the mentorship they receive from Google experts.

Currently providing support to more than 70 game studios and more than 4,000 game developers, Game Factory says it is open to everyone who wants to enter the game industry from scratch, as well as to people and teams who are already developing games.


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