A protocol was signed between Emlak Katilim and KOSGEB to support SMEs

A Vegetable and Fruit Cold Chain Financing Support Program protocol was signed between Emlak Katilim and KOSGEB.

According to the statement made by the bank, Emlak Katilim will support the financing of cold storage and cooling units transported in refrigerated vehicles to SMEs in order to prevent the loss of vegetables and fruits from the field to the end-user. Thus, it is aimed to prevent both waste and loss by supporting the cold air chain.

According to the protocol signed between Emlak Katilim and KOSGEB, KOSGEB will cover 10 points of the financing cost of SMEs in the purchase of a new cold air unit, which has a domestic product certificate and is non-refundable. The same application will be valid for up to 10 refrigerated cases or units.


Nevzat Bayraktar, General Manager of Emlak Katilim Bank, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they support the security of the chain formed by the project from the production of vegetables and fruits until they reach the consumer, and said:

“As Emlak Katilin, we are aware of the importance of our producer SMEs for the country’s economy. We determine the needs of our SMEs correctly and support them with the most appropriate solutions. With the KOSGEB Vegetable and Fruit Cold Chain Financing Support Program, we contribute to sustainable agriculture and domestic production while providing the most advantageous benefits to fresh fruit and vegetable producers, sellers and SMEs providing their logistics. As Emlak Katilim, we will continue to support our SMEs in the coming period in order to contribute more to our country’s economy.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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