Local cloud kitchen startup Zest Cloud Kitchens received an investment over $8 million valuation

Zest Cloud Kitchens has quadrupled its valuation in the last 1 year and received an investment of $450 thousand in the pre-seed investment round. With this tour, which was realized with the participation of angel investors, the total amount of investment made in Zest Cloud Kitchens exceeded $1 million.

Zest Cloud Kitchens, the artificial intelligence-focused domestic cloud kitchen startup, produces and operates brands designed entirely for takeout. The startup, which started its operations in 2021, continues its activities in a sustainable and profitable way as of 2023 with its operational model established on the basis of efficiency, artificial intelligence support and leading brands in its field.

Aiming to reach 50 cloud kitchens by 2024, the initiative emphasizes that the main focus here will be growth with franchise partners. It also underlines that by proving the sustainable success of the franchise model in their first trials, they were able to create a very attractive investment opportunity that would pay off its investment within 8 to 12 months.

Yigit Dogan, co-founder of Zest Cloud Kitchens, made a statement about the investment;

“Within the scope of our artificial intelligence focus, we work in many areas such as pricing, operational efficiency and quality protection. As the leading cloud kitchen in its field, the impact of our focus on artificial intelligence, together with our superior operational efficiency, is undeniable in the profitability of both us and our franchise partners. As a food-tech company that brings together food and technology, we aim to expand our franchise business model and strengthen our technology infrastructure with the new investment.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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