Local digital solution development platform Rierino received an investment of $1.25 million

Rierino received a first-round investment of $1.25 million from the Future Impact Fund, of which Vestel Group of Companies is one of the main investors.

Rierino, a high-performance digital solution development platform, announced that it has received an investment of $1.25 million from the Tacirler Portfolio Future Impact Fund, which was established by Tacirler Portfolio, one of Turkiye’s leading portfolio management companies, and managed in partnership with Vestel Ventures.

Founded in 2020 by Berkin Ozmen, Utku Sarıöz and Mine Ozmen, Rierino, with its platform that combines modular infrastructure, integrated intelligence and low-code/no-code microservice development competencies, it meets the flexibility, speed and cost reduction needs of medium and large-scale companies, especially the e-commerce sector, which cannot be addressed with standard solutions. The solution, which is offered to brands after a 2-year R&D process, also supports real-time improvement of customer experience and operations with artificial intelligence automation.

Rierino founder and CTO Berkin Ozmen stated that they focused on growing especially in Europe and the Middle East with this investment.

“In the past 20 years, we have worked with more than 60 brands in about 20 different countries. We have seen that infrastructure constraints often distract scaled operations from their true potential. These constraints appear in areas such as resources, time and expertise, as well as compliance problems with service providers’ product development plans. Our vision with Rierino is that companies can compete with their technologies without any obstacles, while at the same time different teams such as business units and data scientists can directly contribute to technology.”

As the export champion of the electronics industry for 24 years and one of the companies that produce the most patents in Turkiye, Vestel is an important asset in line with the company’s global expansion strategies. Metin Salt, General Manager of Vestel Ventures and Member of the Future Impact Investment Committee, said;

“In the field of low-code/no-code software technologies, which continues to grow rapidly, Rierino enables companies to develop and customize fast solutions to their internal dynamics, competition and customer expectations, and also ensures that the processes of e-commerce companies are flexible and measurable with the micro-service infrastructure it offers. The innovative and creative solutions developed by the experienced founding team and the easy and efficient use of the platform support its rapid growth potential. We anticipate that Rierino will attract great attention in the market and be successful on a global scale with its superior technology architecture that makes a difference. We expect it to be the right technology and timing for the investment, and it will increase the value of the company rapidly and provide significant returns to our fund in financial terms.”

Tacirler Portfolio Future Impact Fund; with the financial and operational contributions of its founders and investors; It is an investment fund that aims to invest in startups that are in the seed and Series A stage, that are technological and innovative, that have strong social and environmental aspects, that develop sustainable solutions, and that aim to build a more sustainable future with financial returns, and to accompany the journeys of creating a positive impact.

In addition to e-commerce, the initiative aims to make a difference in all digital sectors where rapid transformation and real-time data are important. Its near-term plans include enriching its products with innovative technology and competencies, from dialogue-based artificial intelligence to ready-made integrations. In this direction, Rierino also plans to expand its team in different areas of expertise and geographies.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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