Land logistics-focused fintech startup Diginak received investment from idacapital

The domestic startup Diginak, which appears as a fintech-focused on land transportation or logistics, received an investment of $1 million from idacapital, according to Crunchbase data, within the scope of the Innovate21st Acceleration Program.

Diginak provides a service that preserves the economic cycle of the sector and strengthens the financial structures of the stakeholders by keeping all the stakeholders in the logistics industry in the logistics process. Diginak carries out its operations with the aim of becoming the largest independent integrator of the distributed transportation market.

Diginak, which has strengthened its Fintech infrastructure with its idacapital investment, aims to grow 4 times in 2023 and reach 1 million tons of cargo and $5 million income.

The Innovate21st program is a program run by idacapital that provides information and investment in growth processes over a 36-month period, with simultaneous investment, to startups that are specifically taken into the program. A total of up to $2 million is invested in the initiatives included in the program from the beginning of the program. Idacapital initiatives within the scope of this program have received more than $10 million investment in the last two years and have increased their company values by 5 times on average.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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