Local game developer Leke Games announced that it started mobile game publishing

Turkish game studio Leke Games, which develops mobile-oriented casual games, will play an important role in the development of this ecosystem by stepping into game publishing.

Starting today, Leke Games is opening its doors to help independent game developers and studios bring their games to market.

Gokhan Cokkececi, co-founder of Leke Games, said;

“As we move towards our goals, the main reason why we took a position as a publisher in the gaming industry is to use our experience and knowledge as a valuable resource in this field.

We recognize the challenges game studios face, especially around critical issues like data-driven design and how to effectively monetize games. We decided to offer publishing services to help them overcome these challenges and make their projects successful.

We know that many high potential games cannot be heard. We’re here to help more developers bring their games to life and get the value they deserve. We have a strong history in casual game development. I believe our expertise and resources can help independent developers achieve their goals.

As a company, we have a proven track record of developing successful mobile casual games. “We are 100% confident that the publishing arm will leverage the company’s experience and resources to help independent developers reach a global audience.”

The support provided by Leke Games to the published startups;

  • Game design and Technical Support
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Game publishing

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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