Local health and common sense app Help Steps signs agreement with Atletico Madrid

Local health and common sense application Help Steps has accelerated its steps to expand globally by collaborating with Spain’s famous sports club Atletico Madrid.

Local startup Help Steps; After Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Trabzonspor, it has now signed a cooperation agreement with Atletico Madrid.

Fans will be able to support sports, education and many social responsibility movements by donating their steps to the Atlético Madrid Foundation through their teams. The health and common sense application, which has reached 1.7 million users in 161 countries since its launch in June 2022, has signed the first international sports club cooperation with this partnership.

Gozde Venedik, Founder and CEO of Help Steps, an innovative application that records the steps taken for healthy living and transforms them into support, said, “We are very excited to join forces with a great club like Atletico Madrid. Those who use our application can actively support not only their favorite sports clubs, but also non-governmental organizations or individual beneficiaries they trust. With every extra step they take, they can also contribute to their health.”

Every step is precious

Technology and new generations are also changing the philanthropy industry. The so-called “digital natives”, although they have lower budgets, tend to support civil society movements more for the values they believe in than previous generations.

Gozde Venedik said in her statement;

“At Help Steps, we have found a technological way to turn daily physical activity into charitable donations. Every step is valuable to us. Users download the free app and convert their steps while cycling, running or walking into Help Steps (HS) points that can be donated. While the value of HS changes daily, users are notified to convert their steps before midnight each day. Help Steps’ special collaboration with Atletico Madrid aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as harness the power of sports fans for social good. “While strengthening the bond between the club and its fans, it is also aimed to increase the social impact of the club through various campaigns.”

Steps exceeded 200 billion

Since its founding, Help Steps has recorded more than 200 billion steps that have been converted into charitable contributions. With these donations, 26 people in need were supported, 16 tons of food were provided for stray animals and 7,640 trees were planted.

Stating that the HSX Token, which they recently released, played an important role in the global opening of Help Steps, Gozde Venedik said, “The HSX, created on Omchain, was published on Bitci, which released the fan tokens of many teams and leagues globally. It allows users to transfer the financial value they earn through Help Steps outside of the application. Thus, users have more flexibility and choice in how they use the value they have accumulated by taking the step.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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