Offering image recognition and analysis solutions, Vispera received an investment of $250 thousand from Arya GSYF

Arya GSYF invested $250 thousand in Vispera, which provides image recognition and analysis solutions, over a valuation of $44.8 million.

Turkiye’s first and only gender-oriented venture capital investment fund Arya GSYF announced that it has made a strategic investment in Vispera, a technology company that makes a difference with artificial intelligence-based solutions in the retail sector.

Vispera is a technology company founded in 2014 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Aytul Ercil and Dr. Ceyhun Burak Akgul. Vispera, with its deep knowledge and experience, provides customers in the retail industry with innovative AI-based solutions that enable them to transform business processes and optimize the customer experience.

This strategic investment by Arya GSYF will support Vispera to stand out with its pioneering artificial intelligence-based technologies in the retail industry. Offering scalable and profit-enhancing solutions to FMCG and retail companies is among the impressive points of the investment made in Vispera.

Vispera’s valuation: $44.8 million

Vispera’s valuation reached $44.8 million with the bridge financing of $250 thousand provided by Arya GSYF. Vispera has proven itself successfully in 35 country markets, it had previously received a total of $13 million investment from many successful VCs such as Koc Group (Koc Holding, Koc GSYF, Inventram), Omurga, CaBo Capital, Esor Capital, Finberg, Keiretsu Capital and Hayat SA.

Arya GSYF’s decision to invest in Vispera is supported by the leadership of experienced and successful founders, the company’s strong and expanding global client network and a positively profitable business model. Vispera’s products; It distinguishes itself from its competitors with its functionality, scalability and technological advantages.

Vispera exports high technology to more than 35 countries and works with global leading companies such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Carlsberg and Colgate. Innovative image analysis solutions offered by Vispera to FMCG and retail companies aim to create an innovative transformation in the industry.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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