Presidential Investment Office President presented the investment potential in Turkiye to investors in London

Head of the Presidential Investment Office, Burak Daglioglu, explained the investment potential in Turkiye in his presentation within the scope of the summit he attended in London, the capital of England, and stated that great breakthroughs and successes have been achieved since 2003 under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As part of his contacts in London, the capital of England, Daglioglu participated as the main speaker and made a presentation at the “Global Soft Power Summit 2024”, which was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center and is considered one of the most important events in the world with the theme of “soft power”.

President of the Presidential Investment Office Daglioglu gave information about the investment potential in Turkiye as well as the work carried out within the scope of investment diplomacy, at the event attended by high-level participants from more than 100 countries around the world, especially England, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Daglioglu, who started his presentation by emphasizing the stable growth and durable structure of the Turkish economy, underlined that Turkiye has been the country that attracted the highest concentration of international investments in its region in the last 20 years.

Daglioglu pointed out the importance of international direct investments for a healthy and strong economic system, and shared details about the history of the Presidential Investment Office, its establishment stages and the 20-year history of structural reforms that make it easier for international investors to work in Turkiye.

Giving information about the brand and campaign activities carried out, Daglioglu provided detailed information about the operations carried out in all processes from the preliminary research stage of an international investment to the project finalization stage.

Daglioglu also touched upon the communication studies that have gained momentum recently and emphasized the innovative studies carried out in international media, social media, conventional and digital channels.

Daglioglu, who also shared examples of periodical and non-periodical publications they have signed, sectoral reports prepared by expert teams and award-winning works, completed his presentation by conveying his projections for the future.

“We are trying to position the Turkiye brand in the most accurate way in the investment world”

In his statement, Daglioglu stated that they were invited to the summit organized by Brand Finance to explain Turkiye’s campaigns directly aimed at international investors and to share experience.

“Turkiye has a great success story that needs to be told,” said Daglioglu, adding that great breakthroughs and successes have been achieved since 2003 under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Daglioglu underlined that they have an important vision for the following period within the scope of “Turkiye’s Century” and said:

“We operate as a country to ensure that the Turkish brand remains in the high position it deserves. We are trying to position the Turkish brand in the most accurate way in the investment world, from the perspective of messages reaching investors. Today, after explaining our past campaign, we will share our vision for the future. We have a direct investments strategy that we have prepared for the period until 2028 and hopefully will introduce in the coming period. We are also working on how this strategy will turn into a campaign. In this context, we will come together with the international community of communicators here to discuss our work, mature our ideas and talk about how we will implement it.”

“There is a measurable success in international investments”

Daglioglu also stated that Turkiye, under the leadership of President Erdogan, has been in the top league among the countries that have attracted the most investments in its region in the last 20 years. He reported that more than 700 international companies currently operate in technoparks and R&D centers, and more than 80 thousand international companies provide services in various sectors.

Emphasizing that the total amount of international investments coming to Turkiye in the last 20 years alone has exceeded $260 billion, Daglioglu said, “There is a measurable success. We gave examples of the details of the communication works that brought us to this success.”

Daglioglu stated that they published the first strategy document covering the 2021-2023 periods after the restructuring process carried out in 2020 and made the following evaluations:

“We will continue to walk determinedly by increasing our momentum on the main route drawn by the ‘International Direct Investments Strategy: 2024-2028’ document, which we plan to announce very soon.

Communication and promotion are also included as an independent policy area within our strategy. Currently, Turkiye’s share in the global international direct investments market is around 1%. We will continue to work with all our strength to increase this rate to 1.5% as soon as possible, by taking advantage of all communication channels and tools required by the age.”

Daglioglu participated in the panel organized by MUSIAD UK

Following his presentation at the “Global Soft Power Summit 2024”, Presidential Investment Office President Daglioglu attended the panel titled “Commercial Success Journey” organized by the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association UK Branch (MUSIAD UK).

MUSIAD Chairman Mahmut Asmali, MUSIAD 2nd Term Chairman Ali Bayramoglu, Yildiz Holding Board Member Murat Ulker, former TRT General Manager Ibrahim Eren were also present at the panel held at London Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) with the aim of improving the commercial relations between England and Turkiye.

In the panel, the purpose of establishing MUSIAD, international investments and Turkiye-UK commercial relations were discussed.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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