SOCAR Turkiye Boosts Urban Development: Investing $170M in Gasification Projects for Kayseri and Bursa

SOCAR Turkiye bolsters urban infrastructure with a $170M investment in Kayseri and Bursa’s gasification, enhancing living standards and energy security.

SOCAR Turkiye, the Turkish arm of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, has significantly advanced urban infrastructure through a $170 million investment in the gasification of Kayseri and Bursa between 2019 and 2023, as reported by Azernews and Turkish media. Fuad Ibrahimov, the head of the Natural Gas Business Department at SOCAR Turkiye, highlighted the expansion of Kayserigaz and Bursagaz companies, boasting a joint subscriber base reaching 1.9 million over four years.

Strategic Expansion in Key Turkish Cities

The investment underscores SOCAR Turkiye’s strategic focus on expanding its gas distribution network within Turkiye’s urban centers. Bursagaz, serving Bursa, now ranks as the fourth largest gas distribution company in terms of subscribers, with a network spanning 7,561 kilometers across 11 districts. Similarly, Kayserigaz has solidified its presence in Kayseri, extending its gas network to 6,675 kilometers and servicing 700,000 subscribers. These developments reflect SOCAR’s commitment to enhancing urban living standards and supporting economic growth in Turkiye.

Boosting Subscriber Numbers and Network Length

Ibrahimov’s announcement also sheds light on the future trajectory of SOCAR Turkiye’s investments, with plans to further increase the subscriber count. The combined efforts in Bursa and Kayseri are expected to extend the gas distribution network to an impressive 14,770 kilometers by the end of 2024. This ambitious expansion not only signifies SOCAR’s dedication to Turkiye’s energy sector but also highlights the importance of sustainable and reliable energy solutions for burgeoning urban populations.

Implications for Urban Development and Energy Security

The investments by SOCAR Turkiye in Kayseri and Bursa’s gasification are not just about infrastructure growth; they are a testament to the company’s vision for fostering sustainable urban development and enhancing energy security. By increasing the availability and reliability of natural gas, SOCAR is contributing to Turkiye’s broader economic and environmental goals,promoting cleaner energy consumption, and supporting the nation’s journey towards energy independence.

As SOCAR Turkiye continues to expand its gas distribution networks, the implications for urban development and energy security in Turkiye are profound. The company’s strategic investments are setting the stage for a future where cities like Bursa and Kayseri are not only more connected but also more sustainable, marking a significant milestone in Turkiye’s urban and energy sector development.

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