TEMSAN engineers developed a compact mini hydroelectric power plant (HPP)

Engineers working at Turkey Electromechanical Corporation (TEMSAN), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, have developed a compact mini hydroelectric power plant (HPP) with a capacity of up to 1 megawatt.

According to a statement from the Ministry, while supporting hydroelectric, wind, and solar energy plants to utilize renewable energy potential to the maximum, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources also conducts R&D projects with public resources. One of these projects is being carried out by TEMSAN engineers.

Developed at the TEMSAN Design Center, HİDROTEM can be transported with a single vehicle and in a short time due to its portable and compact structure. The system, which does not require construction thanks to its original design, saves both space and time. With its plug-and-play feature, HİDROTEM can be set up and start generating electricity immediately, and it can be remotely controlled with mobile devices through the developed software.

Artificial intelligence-based studies are also being carried out on the control system of HİDROTEM. Activities such as water reservoir control and ensuring the product operates at the most efficient point are planned to be realized with artificial intelligence algorithms on the control system.

Designed for a minimum installed capacity of 0.5 kilowatts, the system can reach up to 1 megawatt installed capacity. This power value implies that approximately 200 households’ electricity consumption can be met. It is calculated that there is a potential of over 1000 megawatts where HİDROTEM can be used in Turkey.

HİDROTEM is designed to be used in municipal transmission and agricultural irrigation lines, drinking water treatment plants, water reservoir inlet-outlets, facilities using cooling water, and marine discharge points.

The project was tested in Babasultan village, affiliated with the Kestel district of Bursa, at the R&D stage. A 6-kilowatt test product was used to meet the electricity needs of the common areas of the village. Continuing its development revised based on the experience gained from Babasultan, HİDROTEM attracted the attention of Trabzon Arsin Municipality and Zonguldak Municipalities Union.

Trabzon Arsin Municipality ordered a 265-kilowatt HİDROTEM for Arsin Drinking Water and Treatment Plant. The Zonguldak Municipalities Union also requested a 213-kilowatt HİDROTEM. The HİDROTEM ordered by the Zonguldak Municipalities Union has entered the energy production phase, while the HİDROTEM ordered by Trabzon Arsin Municipality will be put into operation soon.

Thus, HİDROTEM, which is developed through R&D activities by a public institution, will contribute to domestic and national production by commercializing.

TEMSAN aims to contribute to the formation of a more sustainable and livable world for tomorrow with its innovative solutions in hydroelectric power plant applications. TEMSAN, which has design and production capabilities in Francis, Pelton, and Banki type hydraulic turbines, also provides engineering services for facilities using these products. Especially in recent years, turbine design and testing activities have been completed, and production and assembly phases have been initiated for facilities such as Karakaya HPP and Hirfanlı HPP within the scope of their rehabilitation.

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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