Transportation projects to improve in eastern Turkiye

The General Directorate of Highways within the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has initiated the Tatvan Ring Road Project to improve the comfort and safety of transportation along the eastern Bitlis-Van highway.

The institute has been committed to enhancing transportation infrastructure, having previously constructed a 900-meter-long (nearly 3,000-foot-long) viaduct on the Bitlis-Diyarbakır highway to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow in adverse weather. Now, their focus is on safeguarding the Bitlis-Van highway.

Hasan Ali Arslan, the 11th regional director of the General Directorate of Highways, spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the significance of the Tatvan Ring Road, on the east-west axis, as a crucial transportation link.

Arslan explained that the project, spanning a length of 10,200 meters, includes two double-tube tunnels and a bridge. The longer of the tunnels, the T2 tunnel, measures 1,270 meters, with excavation support operations already completed for about 1,100 meters. The remaining 1,440 meters of excavation work is underway. On the other hand, the T1 tunnel stretches over 1,236 meters.

Highlighting the strategic importance of the road as it connects border gates to the west,Arslan noted that vehicles coming from Kapıköy, Esendere, Umurlu and Üzümlü border gates will use this route on their journey westward.

“At present, the city of Tatvan, located approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away, takes around 45 minutes to traverse. However, with the completion of this road, that travel time will be reduced to just five minutes,” Arslan maintained.

He emphasized that the project aims to expedite its completion and transform the four-lane road in Tatvan Center, currently operating as a single lane due to parked vehicles, into a continuous flow of traffic.

“With the completion of the ring road, traffic will flow smoothly. We will overcome the challenging terrain with the construction of tunnels. Approximately 30% of the roads in the region will receive bituminous hot mixture asphalt, raising the overall standard of the roads,” Arslan added.

The Tatvan city center witnesses a daily traffic flow of approximately 25,000 vehicles. The ring road project is expected to alleviate congestion by diverting around 10,000 vehicles, particularly during peak seasons.

“Depending on working conditions, we aim to expedite our progress as directed by our president,” Arslan concluded.


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