Turkey may reach $119B tourism revenue by hosting 104 million tourists

Turkey may host 104 million tourists and earn $119 billion as of 2033, according to a new report. The report prepared by the Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TTYD) and the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD) included scenarios of tourism diversification and increasing tourism revenue per person.

Oya Narin, the head of TTYD, said tourism has the potential to be a driving force for the country’s development. Turkey’s tourism revenue can reach $119 billion and the unemployment rate would drop to 7.6%, Narin said, adding the additional tourism revenue can raise the country’s GDP by 1.6 percentage points by 2033.

Simone Kaslowski, the chairman of the TUSIAD, said tourism plays a critical role in reducing foreign trade deficit. “Our natural and cultural richness, and geographical position create so significant opportunities,” he underlined. Turkey hosted 42.9 million tourists in January-November 2019 period and 39.5 million in 2018.

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