Turkish energy firms, Huawei collaborate on energy storage system

Margun Energy, in collaboration with Huawei and Partner EGS, achieves significant milestone in advancing energy storage technologies, says company

Turkish energy firm Margun Enerji, in cooperation Partner EGS and Huawei, is preparing to add a 2 megawatt-hour capacity battery energy storage system to its solar power plant (SPP) in western Türkiye, which boasts a peak installed capacity of 20.17 megawatts.

In a statement, Margun Enerji emphasized the pivotal role of energy storage systems in combating global climate change, achieving carbon neutrality, transforming the energy sector and supporting the use of renewable energy, which are gaining importance as innovative solutions.

Its SPP is located in Mugla province.

Energy storage systems provide a solution that ensures flexibility in electricity generation and supports the continuity of renewable energy supply,improving grid reliability and renewable energy power quality, the statement added.

Margun Enerji, a subsidiary of Naturel Holding, is cooperating in pursuing innovative solutions to develop battery energy storage systems in addition to its renewable energy power plant capacity of 308 megawatts in Türkiye, it added.

The firm, in cooperation with Huawei and Partner EGS, has achieved a breakthrough in renewable energy generation and energy storage technologies, the statement added.

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